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Passes every checks every box really do these toughest shit he's an absolute dog as soon as the clock starts the game i mean he will mentally break you down so lebron would have been a phenomenal football player there's no if anyone tries to get cheeky with you and say like oh well here's why he wouldn't know like it's not as easy as you think it's like what he's probably the best athlete we've ever seen and i'm wrong you remember it was peyton manning at the time was my answer okay nice right isn't that isn't easy one all right last one dude and this is from it seems like every single stick to football fan how do they get stick to football gear oh man well we're working on it we've got a couple of different things that we're working on we honestly do and some of you have got even frustrated and been like why don't you guys just sell this stuff well it's it's not that we do work for someone who has to approve things in the company we work for his own by company that has to approve things and so it's a process keep doing what you're doing we've broken down before like make us laugh on twitter that's a great way sending great questions like you guys do for draft on draft in just the tip that's a good way to get sick to football gear interact on instagram the funny comments and things we see those the items reviews we see those and i probably reach out to four or five people a week and like this was great what your address i'll send you some stuff and so it's just that simple get involved to where when we see your name we recognize it and think shit like this person's a great listener let's let's hook them up i was going to say i'm looking at our draft on draft this list this week and this is a draft on draft session that did not have anthony mangaliso or anthem oreo in it for the.

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