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And by the way these hires that the browns made is at least in general manager were never pay and when they happen like when when you go back and think about i mentioned mike lombardi and joe banner when those guys were there rave former when ray farmer was hired people couldn't say enough good things about rape former that guy hasn't gotten a job since i don't think what sashi brown people would say wow this is one of the smartest guys at football it'll he's not really a football guy but he's going to be a huge jassan today so every person it takes a job ends up coming in with high expectations and lauded and leaves a total buffoon so that's why if you're dorsey let your actions speak do something there first and then you don't have to talk about it because every body you'll know about it that's it i would i would walk quietly and carry a big stick in the here's the guy that stepped into a scene there has been so terrible in terms of wins and losses and yet he's all bombastic he spoke at his chest as if he can come in there and he can sprinkles some ferry does in immediately turned his team around because if he doesn't on the heels of these comet he's going look so terribly bad and he be the first went out out of the facility because of these comments he comes in wales against the a previous staff and yes they deserve criticism sashi brown comes over the analytics in ireland i didn't think when it first was announced that they were going to bring an aside she browder anyone that is well versed in analytics added they give was applicable to football we had phil savage on yesterday voice of the the color analysts for the alabama chris baton of course the former gm there cleveland and he agrees is that applicable because the globe nuances of football as compared to basketball baseball so that being said why would you come in it it's well documented that those before you set night share for the cleveland browns have not done well we understand that and they get enough criticism deservedly so you'll have to come in and.

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