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Their home opener this past sunday. Ceiling their eighty ninth straight season without going undefeated only five. Nfl franchises have a longer streak of losing at least one game. Yes that is me telling you to settle down and find some perspective after disappointing steelers loss. It is after all along season at this point. The steelers could still win the super bowl or they could lose sixteen games. There's lot more of this story to right but that doesn't mean there isn't anything to talk about today. We're gonna talk about what went wrong. Against the the las vegas raiders from the steelers defense to the run game to ben rothlisberger. I'm your host jeffrey benedict. Welcome to the cutting room floor. We're start with what we saw this weekend. And before we dig in too much. I just wanna say that. Now it's time for a little braggadocio. While i wave my arms like ralph macho My keys to this game heading into week. Two i gave an x factor for the raiders. I was with marquis de on the steelers. Touch down on die in that show. I called henry runs the third as being a potential game changing player. Because with the steelers paying attention to darren waller rudd's was that guy that could break a huge play and break open what i expected to be a largely. A close scored defensive battle. Well yeah that kind of happened. That kind of happened with the steelers. Don't have a ton of speed in the secondary. Terrell edmonds is their fastest defensive back so if you get isolation on the outside and i believe the play Rugs broke for sixty. One yard touchdown. He he was on a callow. Witherspoon was on him again. I predicted that before. I knew joe haden was going to be out for the game But they got they got. Henry runs the third on. Are number four defensive back which really really. He's our number six. We're just missing are one of our top guys and we were sat james. We sat justin lane. Sorry lots his name for a second. We justin lane forever and boom sixty. One yard touchdown. That really broke that game open. So i kinda caught that one. Not that i'm happy about that One of my other main keys to this game was the steelers winning the interior line battle. i made that my kids game. 'cause watching the the ravens raiders games. What stood out to me. Is that while. Derek carr was getting pressured around the edge quite a bit second half of the game. He starts being able to step up into a clean pocket. And when derek carr can step up into a clean pocket. He's a really good quarterback when you put people in his face is not nearly as good so car against the steelers. One of my things was we. Gotta we gotta keep guys in his face. We can't step up into the pockets. So that the pressure from the edges can get to him well. Tj wise was absolutely crushing. When he was in this game he was playing phenomenal. He was doing a fantastic job. And for those snaps the longest pass. Play with watt on the field with seventeen yards and there wasn't a single deep attacked a deep throw attempt by derek carr with tj lot on the field through the point tj. By got injured. There was not a single deep pass through by car. Tj what left the field the very first play after tj Left the field with his injury was a twenty five yard. Pass to second tied foster moreau. And when worse from there by the end of the game derek carr had thrown eight deep passes connected on five of them for one hundred sixty four yards and a touchdown the reason he was able to do. That is because with tj white gone and simply cam hayward in there being the only real big time threat. The raiders were able to give. Derek carr a clean pocket and he was able to look downfield. See what was happening and make take take shots. Take good shots. Downfield step into his throws make throws without being hit. They won the game. The moral of that story is even with steph onto it out. Even with bud duprey gone end. Advertisement is a good player. But we've seen. He's he's struggling this season. A bit with this step up responsibility and the step up in in attention. The he's gotten he's not getting socks he doesn't even have a. Qb hit yet this season. But even with him there with tj with steph onto it out tj white and cameron. Heyward are a lot to deal with. And what hayward and supporting staff of chris warmly. Alex highsmith marlin ingram. Melvin ingram is playing really well but he's not tj. Why he's not cameron heyward. He's not on their level. Hayward watt and supporting staff is a lot to deal with just cam hayward and supporting staff wasn't not too much for a banged up raiders. Offensive line they were able to shift the pocket to count for hayward Hayward's penetration and really the offensive line. Just had to steer cameron heyward to one side of the pocket and let derrick walk. Go the other way. Well when cameron heyward can say okay You know i'm gonna rush. I'm going to penetrate. And i'm going to go to the right side from the defensive perspective. I'm gonna rush to the right side of the pocket and cause havoc. There will have tj one on the left. You can't just be like okay. I'll take a step to the left. No you're taking a step towards teach what you're taking a step towards getting lit up. You're taking a step towards a fumble. You know you are taking a step towards a big defensive play. You can't do it with just hayward gable step outside. That was a huge problem for the ravens. That's big reason. The ravens lost is they were not able to contain derek. Carr they were. They were not able to crash his pocket. They were not able to put people around his legs bodies around his legs people in his face hands on you know threatening to swat the football away. They weren't able to do that. And the raiders came back on with car. Throwing deep downfield the steelers. Despite the success they had defending. Darren waller like i said before. They're one of the best at defending tight ends in the national football league the last three seasons since they Drafted devin bush brought in Tara lawson and brought in a mega fitzpatrick. They've been one of the best they did again. That was different. But it didn't matter because in the end when they could not disrupt derek cars pocket derek carr was able to throw downfield for five of eight for one hundred sixty four yards and a touchdown. You're not gonna win a game when you give that up to the opposing quarterback and you're offenses in scoring. Yeah that's a shootout. If you're giving up deep passes like that. That's a shootout as over twenty yards per attempt on deep balls. You don't even know what the steelers putting up on. Those numbers was it was awful talking about darren. Waller i put this clip up on twitter. Cassivi s rise. It came back from the half. I was watching. It was just like yes. Oh my goodness thank you cbs. 'cause i don't have all twenty two film yet which is awful and stupid But cbs puts out the alternative film and they show how. The steelers are bracketing. Darren waller putting a on him with a safety back behind him..

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