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The way back to the split traffic on the tens every 10 minutes morning. Afternoons from the Cap Trust Traffic center data has news 93.1 kfbk. This evening will be breezy. Otherwise we'll see Patchy clouds tonight Expect a low tonight of 50 to 54 for tomorrow and Sunday. We'll have times of sun and clouds The high tomorrow 77 to 81 Sunday will reach a high of 79 to 83 I'm AccuWeather's Drew Shana News 93.1 kfbk. It's 79 in Elk Grove and 82, Eldorado Hills and 81 in Sacramento. And we start with your top local story on the heels of the CDC Update for vaccinated Americans California Now considering a move to relax mask mandates before that, June 15th date set by Governor Newsome, Just what little while ago nothing official as of this hour, But Governor Newsome indicates his office has been in touch with the CDC. To explore options for adopting the new guidelines about relaxing the use of masks. There's the possibility that Newsom will update those guidelines as early as this afternoon or this evening. We're monitoring the situation. We will provide you updates. Should the governor make that announcement. Meantime, you're a top national story. The Wall Street general reporting the hacking group associated with the colonial pipeline attack is closing down a B C's Lionel more he's has more Dark side. The criminal group believed to be responsible for the attack that disrupted gas delivery nationwide, says it's shutting down Mandy and a subsidiary of the security research firm Fireeye says Darkseid posted it lost access to its infrastructure, including its blogged payment and servers and will be closing because of pressure from law enforcement and the U. S. Kim Goody Mandy, in senior manager for financial crime analysis says there's speculation, though by other actors, this could be an exit scam line on Boys. ABC NEWS Miami Added 502. Let's get more news now with Kate McKay's Greg Fishman. Thanks Kitty. Local water companies are urging their customers to use less water because of the predicted drought. But cave because Jensen radio reports that it isn't always easy to pinpoint which rules you're supposed to follow. Water conservation means less watering outside and only on certain days, but which days you are supposed to water your yard depends on what water company serves your area. There are 26 different water companies that serve Secondo County. And so you need to really be able to listen to your own water company about what their rules are, What kind of rebates they have for you and how they want you to, For example, Use your sprinkler. Matt Robinson from the Sacramento County Water Agency says You can go to www dot S c w a dot net and find out which water company is your.

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