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When Obama and bite everybody else was spying on my campaign illegally illegally spying on my campaign, and it's a very grave crimes. Biggest political crime in the history of our country. And I want to take the Hispanic Americans for being with me. You know what's going on in New York, he says. Everyone's leaving. It turned out to be A hellhole. Oh, wait way. Maybe maybe they haven't seen the de Blasio street paint. Yet. That cause that'll make it all better. That's going to make everything safe and crimes going to go away because you know he's he's painting Word's on the street. I'm just waiting for someone to start suing under I'm it was my impression that as a politician's cannot use their office and use public property. To push partisan political narratives, right. And for anyone who says Oh, black lives matter isn't a. It's a movement clearly that it's not. It's not partisan. Okay, why don't we? Why don't we say You know, we could have just choose, for example, for the pro life movement. If you were to paint choose life on federal buildings in D. C. People in the any abortion movement would completely lose their minds, right? Oh, my gosh, This is tyranny. It's we're living in. What's that show they all talked about for a while. That was just unwatchable, but About the women who are living under the male tearing a male tyranny of the patriarchy. Handmaid's tale. I think it was called Oh, it's that Mike Pence is going to be the theocrats so they would completely Meltdown over that. But you know, we're supposed to all think this is fine. But the really mount that actually comes from Understanding what it is that de Blasio has established here. As a open double standard. It's not. Oh, Buck thinks there's a double standard. It's not. Oh, but this is a moment where people you know reasonable people can disagree. Oh, no, There's a double. There is a double standard. Oh, yes, on a very important issue. Janet. Isn't just this one thing this one time, of course and not, And it's not even just here in New York City, it's across the whole country. Will the blouse you? As you know, Yesterday, I told you on the show. It just came down that he is banning all large outdoor public gatherings of any kind. No street fairs, no concerts. Nothing. Nothing fun. That'll make people feel like we're living our lives again. That's not allowed. Not very can bring together the community, You know, no block parties in Sheepshead Bay or in Harlem or in you know, the Upper West Side doesn't matter. Nothing. No one's allowed to have fun outside until the end of September in groups. And remember, if you go outside. Now there's still a math mania. People look at you like you're a bad person in this city, and I know because I don't wear masks outside inside. I respect the rules that I have to for different people in different things outside. I do not wear a mask. None of the science says, Where a mask outside there was no scientist you confined Who could show me a single study? Not one. That has any half whatsoever to suggest that it's worth it to wear a mask outside. But if you don't wear a mask outside right now you're about you're a bad person. This is what you're being told all the time. Meanwhile, the mass compliance rates in some of the European countries that were always told the look at look at how good they were at all this stuff. And know that they're not what they weren't wearing masks very much there, either. But there are a lot. There's a lot of complicated reasons for why the disease spreads more in some places than others. Why some people have a much worse reaction to it than others, but that's all swept away with wear a mask. Wear a mask. If that's all you had to do. Wouldn't There have been whole pockets of New York where people I'm telling you people for at least the 1st 6 weeks of this locked down I didn't see anybody outside in a store anywhere without a mask on for over a month, So wouldn't we have had pretty much no cases? No. We had lots and lots and lots of cases as that was all happening, But Anyway, I know this is I just I wish that we live in a country where we could still count on the media to provide us with real information and ask important questions. Not meant to push a certain narrative. What we do. We don't We don't live in that country, that country. I don't know if it ever existed, but it definitely doesn't exist now. So the Blasio's asked about his regulation here for and again, there's no this is not legislation. This is not coming down from the people who have been empowered through votes. Through the voters to represent their interests. No, this is just a blas you saying and this is what we're going to do, and we're going to do you're gonna listen to me. Why Otherwise. Send the NYPD after you. Hopefully they would ignore him, but they probably wouldn't So here's the problem. He said that there's no outdoor gathered large outdoor gatherings. I'm just going to ask you can any of you think about Large outdoor gatherings of people in a densely packed circumstance, hours and hours together, not only on a regular basis, but with police presence to protect them and make sure that everything goes According to plan.

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