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Never stops. On Detroit's number one news. Nine fifty. A deadly day for US troops in Syria. Trump's stuck racing a victory terribly. Premature CBS news with more next MSU's. Interim president is expected to be out of a job and a www exclusive an arsonist hitting a Detroit family four times. We'll have this story. It's two thirty one. CBS news update Americans are among the dead in a suicide bomb attack in northern Syria. CBS's candy McCormack the military says service members were killed. But it doesn't say how many an explosion occurred while they were conducting a routine patrol in Syria. There are two thousand American service members there many special forces and many were planning to withdraw under orders from President Trump correspondent, David Martin's. This attack occurred in a city man bitch in northern Syria, which had been liberated from ISIS in two thousand sixteen and had since become a model for reestablishing local government rule and security ISIS has claimed responsibility. But its involvement has not yet been confirmed. Vice President Mike Pence shortly afterward of the bombing came repeated the administration's claim today that the Islamic state has been defeated in Syria. CBS news update, I'm Jim shanavie. You're listening to WWE NewsRadio. Nine fifty and Detroit that time to thirty to the Michigan State University board of trustees will meet tomorrow to discuss the firing of interim president John angler WWE as Sandra McNeill reports broke MSU president John angler under fire over Detroit News article last week in which he accused some of those sexually assaulted by sports, Dr Larry Nassar of enjoying the spotlight, including the recognition and awards university trustee Brian Musallam, just a mean-spirited human being. If I can be very honest with you, this is not this has nothing to do with politics. Nassar victim Kelly Laurent says it's not a spotlight she ever wanted. I did not want anybody knowing what happened to me. And I didn't want to be labeled as that girl that was sexually assaulted by a doctor. She says she only came forward to help others. Now Musallam believes the votes are there to fire angler at a meeting tomorrow. He says there have been private talks today about an interim replacement reporting might Sandra McNeill, w w j NewsRadio nine fifty new this hour. Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel has charged a Birmingham woman with racketeering, and dozens of counts of larceny by false pretenses. The jazz love is accused of operating a scheme through her business. The center for growth and enlightenment to steal money. From her therapy patients between nineteen Ninety-one and 2017. Nestle says more than a dozen people lost nearly everything they invested jazz. Love allegedly promoted the scheme by convincing her pace patients the program would aid in their personal growth and enlightenment a mid Michigan. Sheriff is apology. For using a county funded Email program to announce his twenty twenty campaign Ingham county sheriff Scott wriggles worth says he's prepared to deal with any penalties that could follow wriggles worth on Friday. Use the Ingham county non-public alert system to issue a press release announcing he had filed to run for sheriff again state law prohibits candidates from using public resources for campaign activities. WWE news time to thirty four. It's a story. You're hearing only on NewsRadio nine fifty a Detroit family says they are under attack by an arsonist after multiple cars have been set on fire www. Stephanie Davis, stop by the house on the city's west side and has more in this live and local reports, and Brooke this will have you shaking your head for sure ya'll again. Yes, again, you know. So it's you know, embarrassing the for them to see the same house same same situation. That's lydia. Lindsey telling me, that's what Detroit police and arson. Investigators say. When they come back and investigate Lindsay and her husband have had four car set on fire dating back to two thousand twelve the most recent to in the last month, our families, you know, they also you got to move. You gotta move gotta get outta here. I said, well, how can we move forward place in things that they break. We cannot move forward. Move because the money we've tried to say we got replaced things that they break or put up more security or by fences and gates and all that in this call is being a cost effective thing. Yeah. There are seven people now living in their house on apple line street near Schaffer, including an infant and a high schooler they've installed fencing motion lights and now surveillance cameras as a result arson. Investigators have the video and in each instance, it's a different person reporting live, Stephanie Davis WW, Jane, NewsRadio nine fifty. Authorities say an elderly woman and her adult son whose bodies were found inside their home over the weekend may have died of carbon monoxide poisoning. The Monroe county sheriff's office says eighty three year old Alex Alice Keebler and marquee blur. Who was in his fifties were found dead Saturday at their home in Exeter township. There was no sign of foul play. But an official ruling on the cause of death is pending from the wing county medical examiner's office. The home may have had a furnace problem deputies had gone there for a wellbeing check and forced their way. Way into the home. A giant ice disc is spinning in a main river and the sater's receiving international attention. It's three hundred feet wide completely frozen and drawing on lookers from all across Cumberland county. I wanted to see it for myself and take a few pictures, a nearly perfect disc of ISIS floating in the middle of the presumption Scott river in Westbrook, local say, it's an impressive sight just.

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