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Again thanks to Steven Curtis Chapman dropping by and putting out what amounts to the first day of the premiere on I was gonna say world premiere but from might not be they might I watched her otherwise but the new song together we'll get through this with Brad Paisley Lauren Alaina and Tasha Cobbs Stephen wrote the song and then was able to put together that group of folks to launch it and proceeds going to the Opry and grand Ole Opry and a good R. and to the gospel music association to support artists that are struggling right now share very good stuff and a great song together we'll get through this because we will good stuff can calling welcome back to the microphone and let's go to a good debt free scream in Louisiana and looks like Derek and Jackie are debt free congratulations guys well Dave thank you well done you guys how much have you paid off two hundred and ninety three thousand dollars good gracious how long did this take nineteen months okay there's a story here and your range of income during that time about three hundred thousand okay there's that all my goodness what you guys do for a living I'm in a registered nurse and I'm a self employed from carpenter okay registered nurse and a self employed trim carpenter making three hundred K. I'm intrigued to out a book about a blue collar to get I love it you guys you are working a lot of hours then I'm guessing definitely yeah okay very cool so the two hundred and ninety three thousand was what kind of debt A. L. our house they were your home whenever everything yeah hundred percent debt free and you know the house was just over help push us over a limit so now we're also debt free every now and there's and the picture on YouTube is from the gun range where you put the mortgage down range and filled all the holes or something what you shared it with forty five o'clock forty go out at three thirty seven to twenty two and my mind playing field XDS we want to make really sure this thing I'm more make the suckers not coming back to the front of the range with anything but a lamp right landed in our house his family and our frame in our house that is also more you should you're millionaires you're debt free how old are you too I'm thirty two I'm thirty six wow you are rock stars zero well done this is amazing thank you so I mean even making three hundred paying off to ninety three in nineteen months is dead governor mathematically impossible while you pull that off well no days off there were a couple splurge when we had a lot of houses going on and I remember last spring I worked I think I counted fifty six days straight without bail they would have to about on the ground in and out no wonder and this one something that happen overnight is when something happened I just nineteen months you knows this yeah if not overnight success we've been working a lot of your plan for like the last ten years we went through if the U. before we got married we both been paying off for court and just work on the baby steps up since we were young and this was just the final the final you know baby step seven thing wow we're a we finally got to make make the call on call if they were pretty pumped up about it so what's a house worth the house is worth about eight eighty nine ninety five that that range okay very nice very cool so that's a big chunk of the over a million that you've got obviously in that last two ninety three you did in nineteen months of the picture I'm saying again on you too popping up it's got a couple of little boys there and so they survive their dad working fifty six days straight but now they're millionaires yeah even on yeah and he even survived not being able to hunt every day so he can do it they can be done I well I guess you've live like no one else and now you can live and give like no one else right that that is true and we're excited about the the giving partner that last that last verse you always save me a living give like no one else we've we've enjoyed given during this process you know well I guess the older you know veterans whenever and restaurant ever had all we'd like to pay for their meals but now that we're.

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