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Courts in Michigan. Healthcare advocates are now suing health policy analyst with the Michigan League public policy amber. Bella Zehr contends Medicaid should not be altered in a way that makes it punitive or ineffective. Folks are really already working and potentially have very legitimate reasons for why they they are not working and this just adds an additional barrier that is not necessary estimates based on how similar work requirements played out in Arkansas. Show that between sixty one thousand one hundred. Eighty three thousand Michigan residents could lose coverage Mary. Sherman reporting forming and conservation groups in the Midwest are deeply concerned over the unintended impacts from the herbicide die. Cambe regulators in Arkansas recently relaxed the rules on its use and critics say it's damaging volna real crops trees and wildlife while they're calling for several changes in the regulations. The primary concern is with a one mile buffer zone placed on. Its use Dan Shaima in in conservation director with Audubon. Arkansas says dicamba is causing significant damage outside zone which he believes should be expanded airways apparent. I Cam uh symptoms on native plants all across Eastern Arkansas and a lot of the places where we found that damage was within up to two miles mark. Richardson reporting being in Illinois. Observers are especially concerned that native trees are collateral damage from died Cambe retired Illinois state. Biologists Martin Kemper says. They're seeing seeing injuries to dogwoods Oaks sick. Moore's and other native trees and plants. We're seeing a serious decline in the health of mini trees and we've crossed the threshold of mortality for some. Did you take it a long time to grow. Any of the oak trees are being injured are keystone species. Provide the orange for wildlife are very important food sources volunteers with one monitoring wondering effort in Illinois. Say they've documented more than one hundred cases of off target herbicide damage to native trees as well as wildflowers and food crops. Willie Murphy might be eighty two but the Rochester New York grandmother can still dead left more than two hundred pounds and works out every day at the local Y.. When a drunk twenty eight year old man broke into her house? Murphy grabbed a table. She told a local news station. She went to working on him with it until it broke. Doc Murphy says in all she did such a number on him. He seemed happy when the police in. EMT showed up on. Dan Hyman for public news. Service member and listener sner supported and online at public new service DOT. Org Three seven. Three three with you in the studio tonight. It's IAN and Conan coming up the Mandela effect of the week. or rather in this case Conan's favorite of all the Mandela facts. He's come across will We'll get right into that but I..

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