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His time. And the guam walks through the woods. And i mean he does a phenomenal. Jimmy just a terrific guy. I had so much fun down there in the sense of history and camden. You know you're going to see mickey prager junior. And then his dad coming out because i used to ride a lot for mickey senior and just terrific people terrific course people and there's frank white these old barn and ruffians and that stall and forego is in that saw it's very enchanting place if you love our game and love horses just kind of wander around there and feel that sense of history back to For minutes who the cross country. Because i do want to let people know about What What was a terrific score for a player and of course the cross country has got the low takeout the fifteen percent but the key to it is that it's strictly for retail players. There's no no wholesale no group Action and a player for two hundred and forty dollars put together this ticket To be the only winter on saturday in the cross country one hundred and eight thousand Took down the the whole pool. Three by five by eight by one by four and so he went three deep In in the first leg silver state and you know chances are probably silver state and harpers I ride i would guess. And maybe night ops right the second leg you did have a modest upset and he went five deep and that was smart. I went three deep and me hosts ends up running down secret rules at six to one for jimmy jimmy jerkins and centennial's me house pays fourteen forty in that second leg. The third leg was the allowance that looked really inscrutable. As it happens this we'll talk tomorrow with popho and we'll do some recapping of the form to win Plays special reserve stood out. In a couple of different places he stood out on third graph and he stood out on form to win eight to one. And this guy this player when eight deepen here special reserve who. I keyed off of as well as pop. Oh wins the race and pays eighteen. Twenty the player rich singled sadie lady in the correction and that that was a very clever angle. I mean sadie lady was you know was certainly one of the ones that could win but to single there was pretty daring and she pays thirteen rob actress and then came the temperance hill and he found carlos l. and the horse should never have been forty seven to one but still he was not the easiest horse. If you're building a ticket and depending on your budget he went. This guy went four deep. And you know for me. I went to deep. I used lone rock. And i used treasure trove and i thought lone rock was going to go right on by and alex. Kent shari congratulations to him and to mac robertson and to the good friends people. Will you know what tomorrow will Will get rene douglas on You know the good friends team this ask right. Would this horse would not let lone rock. I mean lone rock was out know was getting out a little bit but still cherry at some job to hold the source together. Ninety seven forty to win the temperance hill and one hundred eight thousand dollars to this one player. Wow that's some score. That's very cool You know. I guarantee you. That rene knows Ruben i'm sure that he and ruben a friends You should ask him about ruben. He'd be okay what he'd be a good guest. Talk to ruben about that ear. All right i. I'm glad this came up. Because i i it's funny. I talked to renee about a month ago. you know. He's he's got the book for angel royal and angel angel was a seemingly on his way to a nice winter and he got hurt at just the worst time and then got back going and and So renee and i were talking because angels gonna ride our claude ray down in florida. And so i'll get drake named him. They jockey club made me get permission from shock is hysterical..

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