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Action that is going on. Certainly Maurin, Nevada and Pennsylvania and also just looking at the races overall, and we're going to focus a lot. On the president's A presidential race, sir. Yeah, and some of the lawyers groups that we've been speaking with at this point that are reporting no systemic problems will look at that as well. And it looks like we're not gonna have the results from North Carolina until about eight PM 8 15 tonight Eastern time. California here. They don't even start counting the mammoth number of ballots until the polls close 11 o'clock eastern, Have you ever wanted This is Bloomberg. Daybreak Asia. It's a quarter past the hour time for a check of sports from around the world. Here's Dan Schwartzman. Thanks bag livable dominates at the lines of five mil beyond the hat trick from Diogo Joe tough in a championship group stage match, while defending champion Bayern Munich are up for four goals in the second half to beat RV like 6 62. Elsewhere, Realmadrid slipped past in trouble on 3 to 2 as Rodrigo's scores a winner in the 80th minutes. Meanwhile, Manchester City shuts out Olympiacos three million etc. Hot while Russia Monchengladbach gets a hattrick. RAMALLAH Some player in a six nil win over shot cargo nets Finally Atletico Madrid and locomotive Moscow played a one all draw. Porto knocks off Marseille three mil while I examine her name gets past Mitchell on 2 to 1 soccer legend Diego Maradona will undergo emergency brain surgery in Buenos Iris, Argentina. Afternoon where I showed a subdural hematoma 60 year old currently manages give nausea Villa plateau in his native country after ending his playing career. 1997 stops at Boca Juniors Barcelona, Napoli. Maradona also let Argentina to victory in the 1986 World Cup. Antonio Brown is officially back as a Tampa Bay Buccaneers have activated the wide receiver from the suspended list. Buck's head coach Bruce Arian says the 32 year old will play in Sunday night's game against New Orleans ST Brown, who signed a one year deal for a base salary of $750,000. With incentives that served in a game suspension for multiple violations of the NFL's personal conduct policy. Dan Sportsmen that your Bloomberg World Sports update Markets headlines and breaking news 24 hours a day at Bloomberg dot com. Bloomberg Business APP on Bloomberg Quick Take. He's a Bloomberg business flash, so the polls are getting ready to close. But it didn't stop the equity market today With AA lot of questions Still on many people's minds, the equity market rallied Some of the wisdom here.

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