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She probably found out post posthumously that he was involved in that maybe and then like so. That would be connecting the dots right like she might not have known who he was involved with but it now was starting to click when in his caller totally see that being what happened because a completely asymmetrical like they point out in the movie that like jake always went up to see him and oklahoma so like she never got to see them. The way the michelle williams did guess. That's the other question i had is like. Why michelle williams. Pull that out of heat. They already been. She'd she'd known the anytime they'd already been divorced. She knew within a moral certainty what was going on. They seem like they had you know she remarried. The kids were happy. Heat is happy. He's not like you have to worry that he's going to have another gay cowboy. Relationship and scandal is a family. Didn't seem accuse interested in that. In fact i don't think i don't think he has it within himself to start like i don't think he's got like What jake had where he could go make passes at people in public Why did she do it. I don't really know. I mean clearly. I wasn't crazy and it is actually. But like i feel like i don't know and it's been eating at her for a long time. I i i can understand why she did it. I don't know why she chose that moment to do it do you think is daughters new because i felt like there was a little bit With the mara rooney performance like she kinda hinted around the maybe junior. Yeah yeah maybe. Maybe i'd have to see it again to try and figure out. Well that's the thing. It's tough because again. Like i can't say enough how this is aggressively the story of of Jake and eat leger. It's movie doesn't really concern itself with anybody else. Other than like if they introduced a daughter or a woman or something else has always been to how men feel about the relationship with each other. I think it's pretty subtly constructed. I don't think it's like you. I think we were both surprised by the fact that we didn't spend more time on brokeback mountain. Early in the movie and seeing that relationship develop for longer but then it gets it gets way more subtle toward the end with like who knows what in who's hiding things and or are they hiding from. And what are they feeling about these relationships in any given moment it's yeah it gets very subtle and very complicated toward the end as it should right as this relationship would yeah. I remember out of context the the german line. I wish i could quit. You like that. Became a meam House and five..

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