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News and Arizona lawmakers apologizing for remarks he made about race and immigration Republican Representative David stringer took to the house floor yesterday where he made a brief apology to his colleagues. I would never intentionally say or do any. That would make you doubt, my respect for you. Or make you feel uncomfortable working with me. Stringers set issues that relate to race and ethnicity are very sensitive in any setting the press. Get Republican did not specifically refer to comments he made that African Americans don't blend in or there aren't enough white kids in Arizona's schools. This is a follow up to a story. We told you about yesterday Tucson police arresting a mother child abuse after an eight month old baby was found dead in east side. Tucson home early Thursday morning nine one one getting a call about an unresponsive baby. When crews got there the baby was pronounced dead. The infant girl had injuries consistent with being caused by a dog. Police say the mother was intoxicated at the time of the incident. The dog was taken to Pima animal control. An autopsy on the baby will be performed the investigation is ongoing and hopefully the pros will outweigh the cons. Arizona's license plates are going high tech the Zona department of transportation gives the okay for motorists to begin using traffic digital plates instead of traditional metal plates, the Arp plate digit. Title license plates. Are LT wireless connected devices, similar to a tablet the plate number is constantly displayed in the technology allows.

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