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On the big show tonight, Bob. What's going on tonight? Kimmy, first couple hours. We're going to talk with a science journalist about some great things happening in the world. And then later on the afterlife fund coast to coast Did you get hit by that big snowstorm that went through Should calm United Texas We got hit with that about a week and a half ago, Right? Anything sense? What's the weather like mild Now? It's 50 55 degrees. Not bad at all. It's going down in Tarzana tonight to 35 degrees. What about l? A. They opening things up yet? You wouldn't notice. Still not. What about ST Louis? Can you have a meal inside? Yes, you can. Absolutely. You wear a mask walking in. Take it off when you sit down because Kobe doesn't attack you when you're sitting, Really? Okay. Just when you're standing all right, man, I need to get into us. I need to take a spring vacation to a city where I can walk into a restaurant. You can do that here. I think ST Louis is up my list. Love you Insane, Lord man, I love ST Louis. I saw the King's came through and and beat up the blues. They beat up the blues. And then the blues beat San Jose a couple days ago. Yes, man. Look at you. You're on top of things, but ballistics. Yeah, That's right. That's a great game. A shootout was awesome. They also want to be a say, ding dog along with you. All right. Thanks, George. All right. There he goes. George, Noory and coast to coast. All right, well, we've They're having some problems with the Chinese vaccine, a Chinese corona virus vaccine. They were supposed to deliver a geopolitical win that showcase the country scientific prowess right mom and generosity. Instead, In some places they have getting real backlash here. Officials in Brazil in Turkey Have complained that Chinese companies have been slow to ship the doses and ingredients and in Germany. They gave it to a crowd of people and I guess most of the people died. So in the Philippines. Some lawmakers have criticized the government's decision to buy the vaccine made by a Chinese company officials in Malaysia and Singapore with with both but both ordered Doses from the Chinese. Had to reassure their citizens that they would approve vaccine on Lee if they prove prove to be safe and effective. All right. Here's a quote right now. I would not take any Chinese Chinese vaccine because they're insufficient data. That's not good. So these 24 countries, most of them lower middle income, signed deals with the Chinese vaccine companies. Because they offered access that the richer nations wouldn't write. Because Richard, they're talking about the United States. Fizer Madonna, They were holding back vaccine to give to you US first citizens. The United States was a novel idea. What we paid for the vaccine for you know some of these companies, so we might as well get it first, but Joe Biden President Joe Biden. Is going to speaking to the president Mexico about getting some vaccines sent south of the border so we forget. You know, we're so spoiled here in the United States that we have these big great companies that came up with his vaccine that the rest of the world It doesn't have this right. They're hurting and China try to scoop in or swoop in and and sell their vaccine. Lied so far mixed results at best, a YouGov survey said this month roughly 19 19,000 people in 17 17 countries And region showed that most were distrustful of a covert vaccine made in China. Um so see how this pans out, But right now E. Don't know if I'd taken a Chinese vaccine I don't know, and the Russians is called Sputnik five. Which doesn't give me a lot of confidence, either. I mean, that was the name of their space program back in the sixties or even before that, they just name everything that everything in powerful over the Sputnik. Right. Sputnik. One wasn't Sputnik one, the first Satellite of the first man to travel around Earth in space. I think it was Sputnik Sputnik one, and so now they have come back with Sputnik five is their big vaccine and No good. No good. But the French bulldog market is going crazy. Sputnik was just the first satellite first satellite, right? Yeah. First satellite. That's right, anyway. So these Bulldogs people going crazy with these Bulldogs, and here's our own David Goldstein talking about him becoming a hot dog since Lady Gaga is were stolen the dog sell for $5000 and up and they're so popular. Experts say Thieves are targeting French bulldog. Yeah, that's crazy. We saw that. Is there a big market for this French Bulldogs? Absolutely. There's a huge market other their number one most popular dog they have been for years s P C A. L. A President Madeline Bernstein says. What happened to Lady Gaga as dogs could have been a crime of opportunity stealing these dogs, and sometimes it's safer than robbing a bank to steal a dog from a person walking a dog or a dog, Walker. But there is a lot of cash value to those dogs. That's because cute and cuddly French bulldogs like these sold legitimately on the Internet sell for big bucks. This one we found close to $7000, and that brings out the thieves. Last month, these two armed robbery suspects were arrested after Riverside County sheriffs say they met with a woman who was selling a French bulldog online on Lee to steal the dog at gunpoint. And a few weeks ago, Security video in North Hollywood shows thieves running off with two bulldog puppies from someone's home. People want to steal them because they're worth so much money..

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