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They did toward the existing sites and liked what they saw. That is Fox 30 one's Kim Posey reporting this fall. Harvard will require all students living on campus to be back. Fascinated against coronavirus. They're joining a growing number of universities to do the same. Students must receive the vaccine approved by federal regulators or the World Health Organization. Two weeks prior to arriving on campus, Harvard will continue with Corona virus testing on campus in the summer and the fall. I guess this is a much to ado about nothing because it looks like Britney Spears. She's not looking to get out of her conservative ship anytime soon. TMZ is reporting. She wants to talk to a judge about getting her father, Jamie and removed from the guardianship next month. And the source of Spears, though, doesn't feel trapped in the 13 year arrangement, noted that she has 99% of the freedom she would have outside of this conservative ship. They say spirits has no restrictions. It just stops her from doing crazy things like maybe buying three cars at one time. So if I'm reading this correctly, she wants her dad removed. But she's not opposed. Maybe somebody else to oversee it. Yes, sir. But you know somebody who's maybe has a little more financial acuity and a student. Maybe pause the brakes and say You sure you want to do this? Just to look over a few missing her assets and keeper solvent? Maybe an attorney. Somebody who's unbiased, not one of her family like like, be a good I'd like a trust attorney. I have one I could recommend anyways, It's 7 37 here on cholera. Harley looks great on the air. 7 37. Colorado's morning news is we look at your Dr John Morrissey, where you start this one. Let's start on the eastbound. I 70 crash at Colorado's Got You slow. You're backed up on Lee back to 25 troubles on Colorado to in the bed, Fred Sports Travis Tanner. You gotta crash South bound Colorado at MLK. Your Drive on the West Side of town looking pretty good this morning. You're heavy out of Lakewood on eastbound Sixth Avenue. You're to 85 drive out of lake with you, Sheridan in Inglewood and over to I 25 Is busy. Two on hand in east of I 25 popular. They're cleaning up a crash and a lot of busy traffic on the South. Found 2 to 5 Drive from.

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