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Triple witching friday 85 dollar break out ninety five bucks one two three four five weeks nice pretty dorin other areas of the market just oils that stole not much going on there the oil refiners bestof after that just really aid happening how will let you know if that changes it's definitely off the lows but still though leadership they are accept the view those names legend greet across the board in the retail not big green but green and it's been pretty much the water stuff as i mentioned transports better day nor focused other jp haunt that ex delta dollar gainers or more of big losers today i will tell you is the biotech cell gene down fourteen i think there was on earnings that a drug thank you at weakness and some of the food drug beverage tobacco household products the consumer staples little weakness of the restaurants but not much of and gold and that's the antimarket if the market started setting down by the gold that's that's basically what's going on at next bear market if we ever have what again by gold simple as that moves that day i'm sure we can find the few we'll start with a downside because i'm sure that short sell genes dealt thirteen 122 that's a big breakthrough the downside magenta rod that eleven biogen doubt almost seven split after well boston beer fourth test lift four we'll see when the tesla reports they lost is how the market takes a three a more equal next year's wanted the dow proctor and gamble down three thirty eight big break down today on that one autozone a rally automotive both threes in so wished children place again as we told you be careful about retail loved to aboard lending trai kimberlyclark poor ox sharjah appeals see schlumberger j foul modern industries that that's really it on the downside on the new york nasdaq though excuse me are the upside and i gather we'll have a few more names to talk about a price slide eleven attitude of surgical up ten was down seven on the open on their earnings reports looks like at once the bust out again cut a right that one down has license fee as much of that at last seeing symbol team almost.

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