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Radio what date starts now downstairs hours six quarterbacks may debuts either their first NFL starter there first with this team to stood out Kyle Alan four touchdown passes Carolina got its first win thirty eight to twenty in Arizona Christian McCaffrey at a seventy six yard touchdown run the Panthers sacked Alan Murray eight times as the cardinals stay when less and what a debut for Daniel Jones in his first NFL start he did some video why Manny never did in sixteen seasons led the giants to a victory after they trailed by eighteen points Jones to TD passes and soon CD runs including a game winner that half the come back. well he's gonna run. with one. extra point put him ahead giants radio they won thirty to thirty one over the box with Tampa bay's Matt gave you and they all four of us feel will but I missed two extra points missed a game winning thirty four yard field goal at the end teddy Bridgewater's first start for the St the thirty three twenty seven when at Seattle scene said point and fumble return that stands in the first at first time John pains got a win without through bring Josh Rosen debuted from Miami same old dolphin blown out of Dallas thirty one to six Mason road off first start for Pittsburgh Steelers throwing three they lost the forty Niners twenty four to twenty and we'll walk is now the jets quarterback held under a hundred passing yards jets loss to doing the thirty to forty last weekend for the cubs swept by the cardinals who won every game.

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