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Has got a good like he's got a giant like more he has got a huge leg and he has a huge draft spot the after I've well yeah you know I mean he's not are you are you watching ray guy out there you watch an X. ray guy forget about all that for second what is the latest on if it even matters at this point what where are we with Robbie are we going to see him like we don't like how long is he going to be out there when I in here doing it because we were flying obviously when we landed and they cut to two McLaughlin on the server no that's my boy now can you imagine though if you have the American nervous welly spot was bad and they had to make a decision and you try to chase other Gander well you got to roll the dice on this will soon run because you want to play ball or what we do I said he and my jock like I said he would have to revisit the scene of the heroin hope to set something a hardy boys book poly I felt like it's not bad I deals go read the hardy boys good clean fun closed part of growing up in the seventies on say right now every time I turn around doesn't sound like the scene of the harrowing hooks an incredible we don't have enough time to really give the proper respect that's incredible because we came here the friend which was in the in the body check I can't confirm that it was so long ago I said yes check good knowledge to you I suppose you're the old soul in the pseudonym of course and I wrote Nancy Drew books do not to that's a credit yeah he's got to solve run run I do not know that they're out there on the street solving crimes we can't be are the ABC Sunday night briefly live drummer Shaun Cassidy as the hard fought to give me some due to cover my dynamite magazine there was a whole break down on the hardy boys with Shaun Cassidy I watched it who's the other guy what Parker Stevenson he's not in we did we now yeah that is if you drew we are there should you go I see the face.

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