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Pandemic. But then the house beat cuts in and it throws caution to the wind body, right jump down. Because I love you, honey. Ready to jump. Now Look, Lik e build. One of Kenya's biggest musician, says he actually wrote the song last summer when the prediction was that the virus was going toe ravage the continent. Blinky Bill started with the beat and that led to a song about emerging from catastrophe is just something that's acknowledging the moment that we're in, but also like just wanting it to relent a little bit so we can have some fun. A year later, Kenya seems to have escaped the worst. It has officially recorded fewer than 2000 deaths and suddenly summer is in full swing Kids or back at school cafes or full and blinky Bill is playing shows. It's almost, he says, Like the Universe's way of saying, You guys have have been hit hard. Your whole lives just For this plague on go as Haman you gave so he wanted to celebrate that and capture this idea that in places like Kenya, where lots of people still die from malaria and cholera and political violence. You have to take your winds because if you stay home to keep from getting covert 19, you might very well get killed by something else. It feels like that because it's almost like the various for what's going on Trying to kill you first..

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