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Is in mobile alabama and storm surge is also a major concern big concern here in this area storm surge could be look at anywhere between four to six feet that means that the surrounding area here to the port would be completely underwater and things will be even worse for the big bear island here dolphin island where their ports of flooding already before native it arrives mostly due to the high tides in las vegas police say they are still working to figure out the motive of las vegas gunman steven paddock police are investigating a re aspect of his life from birth to death an attorney for products go for merely daily says he continues to cooperate with the fbi just days after president trump made a visit to las vegas vice president pence will be here today to attend and speak at a unity prayer walk abc's kenneth moton you're listening to abc news mm news of radio 610 wtvn allison wyant ohio is not the only state seeing a continued rise in overdoses and overdose deaths destroy atoms tells us more about kentucky a study released this week by the kentucky office of drug control shows overdoses jumped seven point four percent in the commonwealth last year over 2015 more than fourteen 100 people in kentucky lost their lives to drugs in 2016 a stronger mix of sentinel heroin and prescription pills is mostly to blame for the increase meanwhile lawmakers in washington are getting increasingly concerned about the growing opium a crisis terry more reports opening a senate hearing tennessee republican lamar alexander said chronic pain is a chronic problem a crush the us twenty five.

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