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The power crunch display at select Albertsons and Safeway stores for your chance to win and stock up on your favorite power crunch protein bar. Come a forecast. Now. Saturday is really the jewel of the weekend with high temperatures in the upper fifties or low sixties. Some clouds some wind but we should be spared from any showers. We might see some rain later tonight, along with the wind that we've seen currently and ah, very similar day on Sunday to what we're experiencing today. Scattered showers. Some wind, you know the drill. It's October in Seattle. Right now outside our studios next to the space needle. It's 59 degrees at coma News. Stay connected. Stay informed. The Northwest's on ly 24 hour news station. Coma news 1000 FM 97 7 Bill O'Neil is our editor. I'm Taylor Vance ice. Now the headlines were following Come on 24 7 News Center. New investigation reveals that it may have been the president's own words that led to the kidnapping plot of governors in both Michigan and Virginia, an investigator testifying that the plot came after President Trump Tweeted quote, liberate The two states. The case against five of the defense and defendants is headed to a grand jury. And Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, not going back to the UK before the end of the year, reportedly no plans to travel because of the pandemic. They'll be spending Christmas with their one year old son in California. It's 1 47 at come on news. I'm Bill O'Neill In one corner on one channel President Donald Trump on the other side of the ring on another channel, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to town halls. One big study. In contrast, last night fact checker Salvador Rizzo is taking a closer look for the Washington Post and joins us now on the coma news line. Salvador is tough as it may have been to flip back and forth. You think these two were talking about two very different countries. It was just you know, the mother of all split screens. I mean from tone to substance to the way that they engaged with the voters and responded to their questions. Where did not respond to their questions? It was like watching two different countries were totally right. And you know, it must be said, you know, President Trump. Ah delivered a litany of falsehood, you know, sparred with the moderator Savannah Guthrie of NBC.

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