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Am very hopeful that there will be more to follow. I can tell you this tremendous enthusiasm on behalf of other countries. To also join. Last month. The peace accord between Israel and the United Arab Emirates was brokered. Iran calls the deal between Israel and Bahrain Shameful as wild fires ravaged the West. Firefighters in Oregon are trying to prevent a pair of infernos from merging not far from Portland, this as officials prepare for a quote mass fatality incident. Firefighters continue to work around the clock. To save lives and property from destruction well over a million acres of land has burned, which is over 1500 Square Miles Governor Kate Brown in Northern California. Firefighters are having a hard time reaching devastated communities. At least 26 people are confirmed dead in California, Oregon and Washington state. Another storm could take aim at the U. S. Gulf Coast, A tropical depression that's expected to cross South Florida today could reach near hurricane strength by next week. America's listening to Fox News From the fuck news podcasts network downloading, listen to Tyrus and Tim. I really believe it was the best choice for our show. I was kind of hoping for there's somebody else got in. I'm like I can't do that impersonation does you probably could, But we're now back in 1952. Where if you did that, you're a racist person and you'll be fired because you can't be an actor and betraying Carrie's here unless they.

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