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Is fury he's on beat and twenty nine pro fights Andre ward looks ahead but I think out of our lane is a lot better than Tom source you got a better amateur pedigree I would say even a better professional pedigree but the key thing for me is his mind set boxing is meant to what's from the neck up that's where everything starts and we talked about a valley yesterday he seemed poised he knows he's in a big fight he knows is the biggest fight of his life but he seems ready for the moment and out of my league has to be better than he's ever been in any fight previously to this point. volleying may know that he's in a big spot here what is the need to do to give myself a chance in this major fight well he's a he's a long range fighter and he's a southpaw Tyson foods that I don't have any issues fighting style Paul but I don't have to fight inside and rough Tyson fury up if that can be done but he's also got an old winter box there's a lot of different variables when he's got a bear up under the pressure under the bright lights and go out there fight the fight of his life this could be the last time we see fury before the potential Deontay Wilder re matching federal worries with very takes care of business what are you most looking forward to in that back in the rematch Wilder fury I want to see who the baddest man on the planet really is no disrespect to any relief for Anthony Joshua but they're fighting for the second spot in the heavyweight division. and the outside water are one eight and one B. and those guys have to get it on because they don't get along extremely competitive a lot of back and forth bad blood if these guys a successful first Tyson fury Saturday night and then the outside while they're rumored to be fighting in November we got to see these guys fight because I want to know who the best man on the planet yeah the always outspoken fury with Max Kellerman yes you know it said bring Las Vegas capital home entertainment in the world with the many heavy which on the whole world the biggest most charismatic full full personality and all I think that's true as a matter of fact never the less you got to back it up what do you have in store for Saturday night I have a lot of entertainment plan we have a great light the Apollo craving more we have a great Mexican themed run walk it's going to be a sensation about this third ranked Georgia home to Arkansas state today noon eastern on ESPN to the dogs whose colors red and black we'll see fans wearing pink as a pink out a schedule to bring awareness to breast cancer research as the P. with one big thing on why the first thing.

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