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Learn more at pajamagram dot com. I'm Laurin onto the point President Trump, the Democrats and women in the midterm elections. Candidacies through the roof for broke records at every level for the Senate, particularly for the US house for governor state legislatures across the country. Also onto the point Newt Gingrich and permanent gridlock in Washington. Wherever you get your podcast. Next time on KCRW's all things considered. What happened in the small California town was destroyed in the fires residents in paradise plan to do as they try to move forward. Fires have made things so smoky here in southern California. So how bad is that air and with midterm election results? Still coming in here in the Golden State will give you an update on the latest counts. Local news, weather and traffic, all yours on all things considered from NPR and KCRW take join us for Wednesday edition. Just a reminder Pacific Coast Highway still shut down Malibu between Sunset Boulevard and Los spouses and a number of Kenyan routes closed, and that's going to be putting extra pressure on both the four zero five and the one one adding to that headed through this pass out four or five before Mulholland a stalled car in the carpool lane. Downtown LA is ten before San Pedro. A three car wreck their sunny and Wendy again today. Highs and low to mid seventies at the beach low to mid eighties inland. It's morning edition from NPR news. I'm Steve Inskeep. And I'm Rachel Martin. There is more grim news from wildfires in California. Authorities found the remains of six people yesterday in the devastated town of paradise that brings the total number killed in the so-called campfire to forty eight. It is the deadliest wildfire. California's history more than two hundred people are still missing. And there's growing concern about what to do with the thousands of residents who've been left homeless and bears. Eric westervelt joins us now from Chico where many evacuated residents are staying Eric. Let's start with the people who are still missing what our thirties trying to do to find them. Yeah. I mean, so many homes Rachel and paradise were reduced to rubble about ninety percent wiped out. So this is just a grand difficult. You know, slow task these trained teams are are going to have to go, and they're doing this going through this chart landscape house to house going to each burned out car looking carefully for potential remains the sheriff here is asked for more help and outside forensic teams have arrived to give help in about one hundred national guard troops are being sent in at the sheriff's request as well. And officially anyway. Rachel some two hundred people are still listed as missing their their these heartbreaking handmade posters up in evacuation centers. Asking have you seen this person? Ask him or her to call this number this fire started six days ago. I mean, what is what is the status have firefighters been able to contain it? You know, the fire is about thirty five percent contained this morning with some calmer. Winds fire crews have been able to put containment lines of around about a third of the fires perimeter. But you know, it it's still a big dangerous blaze whenever something like this happens. There are these inevitable questions right about whether government officials state officials did enough to warrant people to mitigate the damage are you hearing that? Yeah. I mean, the town did some evacuation drills and some education phone notifications to evacuate did go out. But not everyone got those. And there are questions being raised by some who evacuated that, you know, could more have been done to train to plan to prepare people for this kind of emergency. Especially since this town was built right into the forest and the threat of these big fires has grown with years of drought and these bone dry conditions. I'm last night Buchanan. Sheriff Corey Honi defended his department's efforts we were trying to move.

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