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Six forty radio station. John and Ken show. John kobylt Ken chiampou KFI AM, six forty after four o'clock. Well, the El Chapo trial, which we've been covering for these eleven or twelve weeks. It's been going on is in the hands of the jury. Now, they were home. They did not come up with the verdict. But we got some pretty good stuff because the wife speaks the beauty Queen wife of El Chapo, did do a little talking to the New York Times and little posting on social media. It's really funny. She doesn't care. It is really funny. Typical my husband's not what they're portraying him to be. I can't I can't remember thing to say I'm so blown away by Liz Greenwood who just oh, yeah. Right about the typhus. She's the LA deputy city attorney if you're just joining us, and we just had around for half an hour. She was on channel four the other night. She got bit by bit by a sleaze back in October. And it gave her typhus which there was a outbreak of typhus on skid row among the vagrants. Well, there's vagrants living all along the entryways into city hall and her building is city hall east across the street. And it's because the vagrants have all the garbage in the food and here comes the rats. They're big rats forgot to ask you to describe the size of these rats. But she said on channel four they the details were as big as their bodies are just huge. So the rats then infiltrate the whole property the fleas, then get inside, and they burrow themselves in the carpeting and the offices, and then the fleas bite her and she gets whacked really hard with weeks and weeks of these horrific headaches. They thought she had viral meningitis, which which can be deadly and flames your your blood vessels. You get terrible hundred and two degree favors, and it goes on and on eventually she takes a drug which she was she took the drug before she was even diagnosed with typhus because the doctor had never seen typhus before. And what does she get from the city? Now, this is okay. This is city hall. This is Garcetti's family here. Right. It's his administration. Everybody's working for Garcetti. She complains about what happened and another attorney sends her a letter saying, well, we don't have any proof you have typhus implying that you're making it up. So she got a blood test improved. She had typhus. Well, we have to hear from Cal OSHA, which is the labor agency while she said the test over to Cal OSHA, and nobody else has been warned in her office or anywhere else anywhere else in those two buildings. Nobody. Nobody's addressed it. Mike Fuhrer who's city attorney. I don't understand do they want everyone to die. Fumigated. Any of the offices at all? They haven't cleaned up. Any of the garbage got rid of any of the rats cleared out any of the vagrants down below. And she says it's all there. You know, there's there's human waste all over the place the food. And so that's where the. That's where the toughest bacteria comes from. This is this is city hall. Now, this is the center government, and they don't care that their own employees are catching this disease. Rarely seen disease. Right Aratu, Kate because sanitary conditions got better. You only get this with with disgusting. Unhealthy sanitary conditions. Medieval kind of disease. You get this people dumped their garbage in the streets. When there wasn't a sewage system was it sanitation pickup. I don't understand this and nobody calls Garcetti on this. Nobody and all the drones city hall, all the lemmings nobody nobody barges into somebody's office and says what the hell is going on. There's typhus infested fleas all over the place. There's rats vagrants and their defecating all over the walkway. There's food and there's garbage everywhere. What's going on? Losing it occurred to me? I come. This didn't happen when the occupied people were there because they left enough garbage and feces everywhere that was city all also I I don't know. Obviously, this this kind of San Francisco to get it that was seven years ago when the homeless problem isn't what it is today. We built over the last five years, we all know with prop forty seven passing in two thousand fourteen when things really started to go downhill. This is this is what you get in the Garcetti Jerry Brown. Gavin Newsom era. Yeah. I get filth and diseases seen dope. But he's objecting. Everyone's acting like life is normal. We've been thrown back five hundred years. Well, I mean, what is next the black plague? It's something like that can happen when you had these kind of disgusting sanitary living conditions. The black plague wiped out one third of Europe. And you heard Liz say it. I mean, you look at this. And it seems criminal. Yeah. Nothing's been done. And who knows she made a good point. She said because this is flu season. Some people may mistake the symptoms for just having the flue, and I'll just overcome this way, you know, just take some bedrest. But this could be something more serious typhus. There could be some undiagnosed cases out there. She just went the extra step. And by the way, she thought they told her she'd been in choice, but she did a little research and said, oh, maybe this is maybe only get a typhus test. Why are people still accepting of this? If some like, I said before somebody says something like socially offensive, there's panic in the street, there's all kinds of screaming resigned. But here you've got a deadly disease outbreak from from rats in fleas and garbage in vagrants and nothing. Nasty attorney letters and nobody thinks it's horribly dangerous and absurd that people are working in these conditions. But be warned don't go to city hall or city hall east. Don't go there. You might get bitten and die. What are they give her a can of fleas spray? Yeah. Cleaning up the conditions that led to the type of site. Go that story. We can't help her wanna see how bad it's going to get how bad is it going to get? Like, how horrible the living conditions going to get because there's going to be more cases. I think a lot of people if you worked in or visited that city all east, and you've had some symptoms that include these headaches and don't write off to the flu. They'd get a fleet jump on. Because we get a bunch of cases lists got quite a story. Sleek jump on you and then jump on. Jump on your family. You can take it home fleas borough in you're sick. And you're. Coat. You don't know what you're bringing home to your kids and your house? The hell's going on? When we come back. We'll take a look at kind of a two parter this crisis at the top of the Virginia government starting with the governor. And now another stories come out it's been around a while the Washington Post was looking at it a while back concerning the Lieutenant governor would take over if the governor would resign, but he didn't want to do that. Of course, the governor. I'm talking about is the one in the KKK photo with the black face and all that. And he's denying attempt. It's all coming up. John and Ken KFI. Debra Mark has news.

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