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I think <hes> and and really fits the story well in the setting well and <hes> i again. I do really like killing murphy. Don't always love jamie dornan but i think he's good in this and <hes> one thing that's i had the ending of the movie again. I won't totally spoil it but there is a showdown at this church where the last remaining members are holed up in the upper parts of this church and <hes> there's this huge there i go into a huge shootout and while i completely i'm sure one hundred percent that how many people they are able go to kill before things happen is over-dramatized. I looked up and apparently there was a force of seven hundred and fifty nazi. What's he soldiers. Were armed swarmed this place now again. I'm sure how many they actually take out. It's like an inglorious bastards situation like it's it's a little overdone done but <hes> it's really well shot nevertheless but that's crazy thank a force of seven hundred and fifty just to take down these few <hes> agents and so yeah and so that part is realistic. Although the execution of it again is not <hes> totally but still pretty pretty enjoyable the i i really like. I think it's a pretty underrated. I'm always up for a good assassination of nazi. I mean who who doesn't love that. <hes> and it's weird like there's been a lot of those recently. It's like it's becoming a sub-genre. I'd say has been since yeah yeah but i think there's been a resurgence yeah in many ways but also research into nazis so sadly yes satellite yeah and so that i think it's probably one of the better one of those that type of film so then i think lastly and like i said i did watch some of peaky blinders and it's a fun show..

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