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Jason, and it is really it's really emotional. And it's it's a it is a mixture of all the emotions of. Filaret Shen and profound sadness, you know. And and. That is going to be part of your weekend. And obviously at the at the hall of fame another drama, though involving Philadelphia pitcher is schilling. The case of schilling not making it and having the numbers to do it. And so many out there thinking that his personal beliefs off of the baseball diamond is keeping him out of what should be only about baseball. What do you stand on that subject? Jason voted for Kurt every year. He's been on the ballot. And I strongly believe that he should be in. As I've said a billion times, it's not the hall of Twitter. It's the hall of fame. I don't think you can even argue with his baseball credentials. But I don't think there's any doubt that it's social media that has heard them, you know, if you look back a couple of years, you will see that his vote. Total took one of the biggest and most shocking dips we've ever seen any never threw a pitch. You know, you can't you can't make three dozen votes. Disappear unless it's got something to do with what you have done or said off the field. And this was the first year where I think we saw a sign that. That's the people are over that. And he's in perfect position. Now to get elected very possibly next year. He's the leading returning vote-getter. And he's cleared sixty percent. He's got three elections to go over the last thirty years every player who was in his possession. Over sixty percent. At least three years left has been elected by the writers. I have no data who will be the next on that list. Jayson stark here on the rich Eisen show if you could wave a one and change something about the voting process. I mean, this is always something discussed in the NFL world and the pro football world. What would it be here for the voting process for you for the hall of fame? Jason. Well, I I would I would love to see the rule of ten change. What most? Onto to read down the requirement that you have to get five percent to stay on the ballot. You know, there's been something that we've actually been kicking around on Twitter all day because I tweeted earlier today that Lance Berkman to me is one of the worst one in Duns we've ever had the only players in history with as many hits as Lance Berkman an OPN, plus which accounts for a player's home, home park and era are very bonds and Manny Ramirez, and we know why they're not getting in the rule of tin says you can only vote for ten even if you think twelve should make it I've been one of those guys the last few years, and it I don't see that rule changing. I wish it would. I wish we could just vote. Yes, or no. And then five percent, I think that if you don't get five percent in two consecutive elections that should be that should drop you off. Because if you. That way everybody would know when they went to vote. This particular player would be dangerous falling off doesn't get five percent. And people could vote with that night. I mean, again, keep making the comparison to football because that's the one that I've been intimately involved in in for fifteen years where there's a a group of individuals that has been designated to winnow the field down from semifinals two finalist. And then that is the group that's presented in front of of a of an election group. And in terms of you know, baseball, it just seems that there's a ton of people that aren't considered hall of famers for an absurdly long time..

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