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To get a looting dot com yeah almost two thousand will you'll get there yeah i think so and it's been it's been a good experience even though i thought i knew what i was doing is moving into this location after doing all the coop moves and right right really didn't note i was doing and it was a little harder than it needed to be but i definitely feel good about a next expansion which will be in the near future cool are you going to bring in different products or what are you gonna do well hopefully we just are working on building the local she's been by here bringing more local foods doing in the gases the crop or evenly throughout the year building up with our customers at the same time so hopefully it's just more local food or more produce we do local needs to our store we haven't done that through our hub yet and do on expand into that do little bit of it but not it's it's kind of a little side thing so we want to expand more into that too huge part of our local food access that we have in in this region especially i grad because people braise yeah yeah and and we want to i mean we already said earlier were different you know every few different we aggregate not just local food aggregate from our distributors for customers we are veritable vegetables which is actually well of the bay area and earlier ganic cronies united natural foods yager gate a re if a one of our customers to access distributor we have will help set that up and in though we can fill in the gaps through what we don't have locally in the mulqueen while we're building up our local food supplies and then yes so it's just a lot of a lot of data that we aggregate because it's not just the local stuff all these other distributors stuff that we're bringing in of course a what portion of you are what you're bringing in is locals now run will i mean us for the store goes it's it's a one hundred percent because that's all we do for the store is bringing local lately i'd say the past few weeks what we bring into the store is about five to six thousand dollars wool whether.

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