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Think about this minute first inning to out run around i he gets a break at second base with a bad call and he got ahead of marquess and he doubles and he got ahead of suzuki who headed to whitestone those that he gave up they were not fat with a ph they were with an f and then i'll tell you what they were long gone was brutal to watch this guy and i'm not saying after two starts utah some aside but this is the thing when you sign a guy that's coming off an eighteen year he's traditionally someone that is not great in the first half he had a great firsthalf last year he's good but in the second half and falls off i don't want to hear it spring training he's not very good and then there's matt and i'll tell you i know i went off on this last week it is so far so far beyond the time to separate with matt harvey he's got to go got cut cancer man i read something i thought was extremely illuminating this was an article by lindsay adler from the athletic and this was just a small aside in her article but i thought that it really just crystallize you know maybe what matt harvey the mets everything are going through right now this after talking to harvey and he said you know there were positives right he's always now taking the positive side which i guess can be commendable you know if you're sitting on the therapy couch but when you're facing the reporters you have to actually own up to what what you really are this is the aside though after matt harvey's media scrum harvey stuck to speaking only of his performance in relief during thursday's game declining to speak further about anything involving los angeles or partying as the cameras and recorders turned off a mets media relations staffer gave him a smile and quietly said that was perfect oh come on.

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