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Radio WBBM this is Mike Krauser the prosecutor in Lake County Indiana says the police version of the hospital shooting yesterday that left a retired police officer and a psychiatric patient dead was not accurate because the bar owners are gearing up for the return of customers this is any day the leader of the U. S. army unit based in Derry and you should spend it amid an ongoing investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct WBBM business this is one world with you're just coming in and they housing starts went up four point three percent and a half of the open stock index futures higher the Dow by a hundred and forty four nasdaq up fifty as a beat out of I. sixteen into quarter sunny high today of eighty eight cooler like front currently sixty nine going up to eighty eight today WBBM news time seven thirty one yesterday we told you about an incident at community hospital in Munster in which a retired police officer and a psychiatric patient were killed now prosecutors says it didn't happen as originally reported by Ripley's latest this morning from W. B. B. M.'s Mike Krauser the Lake County sheriff Oscar Martinez had set a psychiatric patient who was beating a nurse wrestled a gun away from a retired sheriff's officer working as a security guard and shot and killed him Muenster police didn't answer questions but a post on Facebook now deleted supported that narrative now the Lake County prosecutor Bernard Carter says it didn't happen that way he says two guards fifty nine year old Ryan ask you and sixty five year old Benny Freeman pulled the nurse away from the patient twenty two year old Jamal Williams and Williams put ask you in a chokehold and the guard was being punched and was losing consciousness when his partner freemen fired two shots one hit Williams in the face the second hit his partner ask you in the arm and the bullet went into his chest both were killed Mike Krauser news ready one of five point nine FM three people are dead after a rollover crash on the southwest side early this morning the one vehicle wreck happened around three thirty near the intersection of eighty seven the caddy the Ashburn neighborhood to other people taken to the hospital for treatment no update on their conditions or what caused that accident the other aspect of social life in Chicago re opens today you can now go to a bar for a drink according to the city bars will have to abide by the same health and.

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