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Like just take in the audience to the pits of hell, we've seen the guy lose his soul to the darkness. Yeah. And then to come out and give him the last word. I know. And I love it is that a digital zoom. Are you jumping between takes? It's just to cut. I thought it was the same. Yeah. Faces exactly take. And then my editor, Hank. Corwin just he did he smash cut. Hey, Hank Corwin killer. So they were pushing in. I guess we were not pushing Digital's. That's zooms. No, no. It doesn't. That's it's a hard cut. I'm assuming you've seen it more than it's I remember the discussion because we were gonna pay for it to be digital. And then Hank was like look at this. And I was like, oh, we don't have to pay for it. That's better. I wanna watch. I know you're right. I'm definitely I know you're right. There's no part of me. This we discussed what a million. I just watched it again this morning, and I was like you really for sure how I'm not fucking around. And I thought for sure it pushed in half an inch. And I was like what an interesting cut right there. And this is this is what I was talking about some leaving. So Cheney gets the last word in the movie. Yes. And he gives us very. I just remember what it was like in the early two thousand and feeling that way, you were scenting at that time. I was I was young. But I was also like, yeah. Seen animal house, you weren't fully mature, right? Yeah. But I remember being like the feeling in the air after nine eleven being like, yeah. You need fucked up shit needs to happen. Fucked up shit happened to us like you need like we need villains on our side or something would have put it that way. Janey? Did he said we gotta go to the dark side to fight this. He actually said that in an interview it takes a thief. Exactly, he gives a speech, and I'm going what the fuck is having. Here's here's the million dollar. Why have two questions let's get to the second one was when you're directing bail. You're about to do this bail idea build you that he's going to do the monologue in the interview. Do you say you mean, it thank you for letting me be your servant does? He mean it or. Absolutely means it. No question about it. I felt that he meant yo. And he means every line. He says there. That's what that helps us understand doesn't it. Yeah. I think so I think what's what I loved about. It. Everyone has a different reaction to it. I mean, I had a friend of mine told me you have to take that out. And I was like why? And he goes you give them the last word, it's kind of convincing. And I'm like, it's not for me. But it was for me the first time. Yeah. It begs the second view and keep going, please. I think like you look at what he's done, right. He lot you know, tweak the intelligence to take us to war. There was no call for he tortured. He crossed that moral line of torture, which it's going to take one hundred years to go back from you know, there's a bunch of other things stopped action on global warming the world economy club, blah, blah, blah on and on and on six hundred thousand six hundred thousand of billions and the number could go as high as over a million when you include military, so well, the those those stats actually get the Laos word. It's not bail. So good, right? That the stats the number. I actually wrote on my notes, and I think everybody in the theater should have to write six hundred 'cause you read six hundred and then I go to write it down on my notes, and you go wait what it is too many here. It's John dropping it makes you sick. It makes you sick. So I feel like the whole. Away billions of the whole way from the Republican revolution on from the Reagan revolution on part of their line has been we're going to keep you safe where the grown-ups they're all rugged individuals. We added that going downstairs with a gun to investigate the noise. It's exactly you stay in your bed in his nightshirt and watch your fast and furious that great last show..

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