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Weekly dish. We just were informed that our guests. Laurie beamer has never been in studio before she's always called in. So it's so exciting to see you because jellybeans be you're the expert. I'm here. This is cool. Lori is a jelly bean expert self-proclaimed legit. And I think I started following your jelly bean analysis when you could still see your friends on Facebook, the content you wanted to see about three years ago and even doing it though, I recorded instance, wasn't two thousand eleven eight years. A love it too since I was a baby. Like, it's in my baby. Book ten months old says dad loves ice cream with like fifty exclamation. That's funny. Yeah. I've always had a sweet tooth. What was it always some at around jellybeans, or do you have other candies obsess over till I pretty much live anything put up by Willie Wonka, the Gumy's the gummy nerds the GOP stoppers. Yeah. I love all those things kind of focused on jelly beans because I don't know must spend twenty eleven or twenty ten it just occurred to me that there's only one time of year where there's like an overabundance of jelly beans, and how do, you know, which ones to buy? And so I started buying them. All and realize that there's really terrible ones out there on. So that I kind of just put myself on a quest to find the perfect jelly bean. The chronicle at all when you were little did you like the movie willy Wonka? I didn't see until college. No, creeped me out so bad. So like words of boat in the. The river total trip. LSD trip seen. No, I watched my ex-boyfriends like, oh, blah, blah, willy Wonka. I'm like, what are you talking about? Have you never seen never even heard of it? So maybe watch it. I couldn't that night. What do you see for the first time when you're nineteen or something like that? It was. I just loved the the scene where they go into the I guess the factory, and the is all the candy and the mushroom where they stick their hand in there, and it's like mushroom cream. It reminds me of lovely candy the. Yeah, the Palumbo were definitely my favorite part. The songs that they sang a little scary remake the sun is just not the same. No. It's not now, let's get to the jelly bean analysis. Every year you buy them. Do you eat them all year round? And like, what are your favorite? But that's the fun part of this is most of these jelly beans are only available there seasonal. Easter only thing. Yeah. The perennial favorite are starburst and those are available year round the shines kind of coming off those because of the law of diminishing returns. Like, I still love them. They're delicious being but I can get them anytime I want so I get really excited for the ones that are only available in the spring. Right. Right. Okay. So the starburst being you had to have some in the bag there too. They are right here. And you can buy them your round year round pretty much anywhere grocery stores big box stores. Is there a color you like pharmacy pink? Just like the regular starves the pink of the best strategy go. This switches the might go to here's a yellow and a pink mix. Yeah..

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