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Donating your time to this to this podcast art, let us start with. Let's start with the XFL and let last week the XFL announced that more than half of its games will be on broadcast television as part of the deals that they announced with FOX ESPN as I creep here from John wall. Randy freaking gusty multi year deal calls for twenty four of the XFL's forty three games to be on broadcast television, thirteen on ABC eleven on FOX and that will include to Thursday, primetime games on FOX in April of twenty twenty just so the audience knows John random, the sports business daily reported that the deal will result that no rights to the XFL. So these networks and not paying the XFL any rights money. They will the networks pay for the production costs of the games. Which will probably amount to around a half million four hundred thousand dollars the networks will sell ads, and that's how they'll make their money. So that gives you an overview, and so Ben I want to start with you. You know, we're just coming off the af folding and now here's as spring football league, which is going to debut in twenty twenty and it has if nothing else some major major broadcast partners. How did you view this? This XFL announcement last week. I'm sure XFL would probably not prefer the lens of how do you? How do you look at this without thinking about the af, but you know, the graveyard littered with the corpses of spring football leagues, you know, whether it's the previous XFL or the af or you know, the US fell years ago. So I think there's you know, some skepticism, but the media deals pretty good. I mean, they're going to be the exposure twenty four broadcast games on Saturday afternoon and the consistent timeslot, I think. They described this as the you know, the best media deal for startup week. And I mean that seems pretty fair. So I mean, at least from a visibility standpoint, if you wanna watch football you wanna see this leagues he will not have to look very far. And so visibility wise. It's it's it's pretty good. What does that mean for the long term viability the league? I'm not sure question Hannah. Again, this sort of the same view. Then is correct. I mean to get FOX ESPN off the bat for league that has not played, you know, single down yet is a pretty big co. To see the news initially. It's not skepticism on the heels of a folding. Once he got into the house of the deal and self. I think there's a lot more room for growth here with with Balkany beefy coming in, you know, they'll be on broadcast television as opposed to a was bouncing between CBS NFL network Turner, these games people even just tuning into ESPN ABC turn into Mexico game. Even if my attention and get a feel for the league this year. So I think it is a bit of a trial period with. No, right Steve being attached to the deal. And I think that will definitely could help XFL to stabilize itself this season. One of the things I always think about is the spring football as a media play one is the interest there in term. Terms of people interested in this product to watch. And then Secondly, if there are people like what's the ceiling on the amount of people, and this'll be for both you and and Hannah, it's it's sort of goes beyond a media question into what do you think of spring football just sort of as an entity? And then if he expanded as an entity with potential interest. I don't know what the specific figure is. But if you look at the proliferation of college football bowl games, you know, the last ten fifteen years, you've got games all through December. You know, you know, with ridiculous names like the beef jerky, Jack, wink, whatever they are. Right. These are not games with marquee football teams. Right. You've got six six gay teams from sunbelt conference going to Birmingham to play. You know, another six and sixteen from some conference..

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