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The program taught you part of the two hour window that he SPN's putting on the air this weekend. I am more we're excited. So it's the first year since younger not even with ESPN that I've actually been able to get into the combine. And and unfortunately, I won't be watching you as much but other than that. It's all positive. I appreciate you bringing it back to me Todd. But so did you did you did you run a forty at the university of Richmond or or what? No, guess I mean, I ran one. But it was not certainly part of any combine and didn't run it very fascinating four four eight nine somewhere in that range, six long hundred hundred ninety five pounds. I know excuse to be that's what would Todd mcshay the evaluators say about Todd mcshay the football player or they say, try hard guy. You're. Your. Dave it every every bit that he had the t h g the try hard guy, the t h g co system doesn't move. Well. Give you everything scouting tastic. I love it. All right. Let's let's let's dive into it right here where where are you on your quarterback board a right now Todd who's who's number one on it for you? I've got Haskins, but I've got I've got him. Basically, you know, one ticket head of kinda Murray. I think it's really those two to me. And I think after that you've got a bunch of guys that. They you feel good about could develop into a good backup in the league. And maybe a couple of them potentially. There's some starting ability there to relax from zuri. Daniel Jones from Duke Ryan Finley who I think is is underrated. But doesn't have any any while skills about him coming out in North Carolina State Jarret stidham from Auburn will Greer from West Virginia. So there is that. But to me, the only two guys that have true I around grades are Haskins and Murray, and they're both one year starters Haskins is nearly as mobile as Murray, but he's more repair passer and Murray if you hit on them, and you have the right system and utilize properly could be an absolute home run. So then which the buying is an athlete, which is the teams that check those if boxes Todd. Well, you know, you've got the giants sitting there at six, and I think that that to me would make a lot of sense for Haskins. Then you've got Jacksonville at seven. And then after that, you know, you have to look at Cincinnati finally try to make a move and make a change or Miami. What direction are they going to try to go? They need to to handle their quarterback situation as well. So those are those are four five of the of the top teams. I think in the first half of of the first round now. And you said though, all the if things that need to be hit for Mario. You gotta have the right coach the right offense the right system the right at cetera et cetera. Would the Jaguars be that team at number seven? I mean, let's let's let's see who's possible here because we're Suming. Let's just assume nobody trades up in the top five because they get antsy over Haskins knowing that the giants you're gonna take him. Let's just say that that happens. So that means the. The teams that will have a shot at taking Cuyler Maury. Are the Jaguars the Broncos the Bengals the dolphins at thirteen? Although I hear that they're tanking for two like starting now, which is absolutely crazy to guard..

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