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China town cautions have been taken by our city we know that there's a concern about tourism travel all throughout the world but we think it's very safe to be in Chinatown and hope that others will come she says it doesn't make sense that people are staying away because of fears of code nineteen asked if she'd approve a request for emergency funds to deal with the virus if the president asks they would just cut one point of about one point three something like that billion out of the center for disease control so I don't know if that's enough but let's see how what's the purposes prevention prevention prevention of we want people to be friends third and vigilant however we don't want them to be afraid she wants people to follow her lead and enjoy some dim sum in San Francisco's Chinatown Kathy Novak KCBS the San Francisco Chronicle reports added defense attorney who was assaulted on her way into court yesterday in the Oakland public defender Christina Moore represents John Lee Carroll he is on trial for the murder of Neil Wilson at the macarthur bart station in Oakland two years ago cal has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity in the double stabbing that killed Wilson and injured her sister attorney Morris said that she was able to take a picture of the person who assaulted her yesterday and officials are now investigating coming up on KCBS I'm Kerry had a second Oakland why nearly one hundred people are celebrating the removal of their criminal record it's four fifteen and on to the sports line this morning with Bruce let's start off with all a spring training baseball as the giants beat Arizona wild eleven ten nine decision the cactus league matchup giants used ten pitchers in this game maze meanwhile hammered by the Milwaukee Brewers fourteen of four left handed ace Sean when I look anything like an AC give up six earned runs and a pair of homers to the brewers and was gone before the second inning was done college women's basketball quite a night for Oregon star Sabrina and ask you she became the first player man or woman in NC to a history to score two thousand points pile up one thousand assists and pulled on one thousand rebounds inter collegiate career and she did it as the third ranked ducks beat the fourth ranked Stanford cardinal at maples pavilion seventy four sixty six.

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