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I'm john batchelor with malcolm hoenlein conference of presidents major american jewish organizations the crown prince of saudi arabia's do in town in days correct in days in dennis muhammad bin salman who has made some very large and successful policy decisions in riyadh some confrontation with his princeling colleagues some redirection of the saudi planning for the rest of the century at the same time there is an ongoing war in yemen that is at this point a catastrophe mass starvation for noncombatants for the children and women and children of yemen is a country of twenty six million people that are starving to death and sometimes that starvation looks like a war policy by the saudis and their surrogates against iran and its surrogate the who so we welcome ilan berman senior vice president for american born foreign policy council to comment on the pending visit a mohammed bin salman and the report that i have ilana very good evening to you from josh rogin the washington post that there are members of congress who are out of patience with the saudi regime and the way it's conducting war and will not tolerate it anymore a lot of all the proper rhetoric about the gaps and and these are the vibrancy of the us saudi relationship but this is really a charm offensive intended to be an external validation of the fact that washington likes what he's doing at home this sort of push back from congress if it does materialize i think sends a very clear signal that you know we are not writing a blank check for his policies in riyadh or in.

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