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Those arab after our taco pitstop. We got line to cross back to the us longer in the morning. We're going to work and about forty five minutes later. What he said. Where are you going. And i'm very serious voice. I said i'm going home to san diego and he said why were you here. Were you in mexico. I guess he said. And i said to get medication for my son and he said you have it with you. Said yes and he said let me see it and i it up. I said it's insulin. It needs to be refrigerated and he looked at my little refrigeration pack and he said okay. Thank you and that was it. And i've got two boxes. I got ten pounds in each box. Three to four months supply. And who saved a thousand bucks success. Okay so flash forward to now do you want me to hold its. You don't have to reach or we can both sit on the couch. Why don't we both sit on the couch. I wanna get my spreadsheet. It's been about a year and a half since our trip to the to buy insulin with aaron so my producer kinsey met up with aaron back and san diego to check in and since then aaron says she hasn't crossed the border at all in part.

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