Colin Kaepernick, American, Captain America discussed on The Original Jeek Podcast


Captain america is. It's just like it's. I'm trying to find the right words for and i think also like just baffled by why. This is even a thing that i can't find the careers for what is just like how much more you know. How much more d like. How much more can you take. Away from them I in even the. I guess i can say us to like i said my grandmother half su But it's just like it's is. It goes back to the same thing as in fucking winter soldier. When sam is talking to is area in is as like no self respecting black men would even want to be captain. America like It's just a sell out to your history to your tribe to your people to your You know whether you're black or native. American like everything that the flag stains for right and everything that you know as controversial as it is. And i don't care because like i said it's park as we can say whatever you want. What cap you know for for. And when i say cap- i mean colin kaepernick with his you know peaceful protests of kneeling dorna anthem And the message that he was trying to portray with that. And even.

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