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To have to be in that humiliating scenario with read and go through a whole season of everyone probably hale i would be filed a side peter fired and cut my twitter account and go live very richly someone speaking of fired mike shula doesn't have a job anymore the panthers offensive coordinator was let go on tuesday two days after the panthers were knocked out of the playoffs by the saints also cut loose quarterbacks coach ken dorsey mark this is a big move by the panthers shoe there for five seasons a not always a super popular guy in this room and think rosenthal had an out for him for a few years there also was the office coordinator when cam newton one pay but they haven't reaches heights since and now he's out of work i wasn't expecting this one to happened necessarily but i guess you're saying look at we'd we went into this season saying the cam newton was going to run last these are he is our number one asset and we're not going to continue to use him that way and it didn't happen largely i think because of a midseason trade in the way that their offense evolved with cam newton but they were inconsistent in the run their passing game was largely a disaster by the end of the year a lot of that's on personnel mike shula during their super bowl year was an assistant coach of the year candidate i mean he was he was fabulous that seasons so these things rise and fall be rivera just said we wanna reboot or we want to go after someone like john defeat lippo who's sitting out there maybe you have a name in mind when you make this move yeah that's interesting i mean to to get rid of them both i mean just like that obviously he wants to his hit the reset button and we heard all last year i just talked about they want it to rely less on cam newton's legs but that didn't work and then once they went back to the way they cam was when he is more mobile that's one everything started to click for them again but obviously.

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