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Good afternoon at twelve noon on five you sure they are two of the greatest men's players in the history of tennis Roger Federer arguably the greatest of all time is Federer always battling Novak Djokovic as we speak for the Wimbledon final Federer is up to service free this moment Djokovic as you look even this championship match I had to set the PC lease this fourth set five games to two this will be the fifth Wimbledon championship overall for Djokovic for for the past six years Federer already as more Wimbledon titles than any man in history aids bedding for nine in what is shaping up as another classic showdown at the all England club men shared with your final at Wimbledon match above all star pitchers today the stadium Yankees and blue jays rubber game of the series Masahiro Tanaka verses marquee Stroman doctor the winning pitcher in the all star games for me to not get into the game there's speculation strolling may not have many storage remaining as a blue Jay very well could be freighted to a contender perhaps the Yankees as manager of the former Tampa Bay bench coach Charlie mon Toyota has been down this road before us so that we are here all the time is always talked about he was gonna get traded so you know and that's what happens in baseball and when you know competing the good teams one your your best players in there to talk comes out and so we'll see what happens mon toy referring in at forty to Chris archer who will eventually was traded to the hired one Toyota guest on the fans today with that Randall Yankees and blue jays eleven on the fan at twelve twenty five for the measure Miami trying to do something they have not done in over three months when a road series and all have their ace on the mound a stick in the ground taking the start against fellow all star sandy all contra and utilised on WCBS eight eighty the nets have signed free agent guard David the lava to a two year deal Major League Soccer NYC FC visits the.

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