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Hundred two five oh eighty seven forty three investors entrance every called straight talk about you and your money now from the studios a cold and what once again to investors said John Gary Kaltbaum you're hosting thanks for being with us today glad you are here ladies and gentlemen happy that you are listening it be Friday April seventeenth two thousand and twenty and we're here to do several things eight god used to market speak guide you through all all this crap that we are going through and will come out great when it's all over and all the things that matter that affecting you in a much bigger way then just recently and we are going to whine and complain today for you on another government boondoggle that is basically screwed you and may the wealthy wealthier feel better yet well just remember we only deal in facts we have no what gender we have no ulterior motive we have no political gain we have lost faith in all of them from the top down many years ago every now and then we get a little bit of hope and then that dies down pretty quickly and we explain that to you every day and you know we never used to have to talk about them we never talked about them years ago we used to do market leaders laggards emerging sub margin we still markets markets markets and then what happened they became more and more of the market interference coming interlopers debt deficit and then these morons these imbeciles these two forces if the central banks that believe their god.

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