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On top of it would be on his knees junior flak in sweat would be rolling up as ball they'll be on his knees clear cap or neck objecting to the fact the jordan had just walked into the the arena and you for giving the air jordan brands to michigan but no i don't know the answer your questions don't i don't know if like there's big detroit birthdays that people are aware of his eye i know i'm a seat other than the ones who share your birthday like a manager just gonna say i break they people will send you know this happen on your day in day like my aim at them to gibson i see you remember i don't even remember with celebrity share their gibson claudell washington and matt wind wow yeah big time celebrities i don't know i i know there's a former a flier nobody would remember tumble eighteen who is mind laying yeah if a police he won a cup couple couple cops so quick to tiger situation is this there in the playoffs if they ended today if the regular season and today it does not however in the breaking news with determine does not and today yes era what i just really to a share birthday with primary scorers yeah you share with flag day give can we guess based in your reaction pure laugh and shirt cara top no just only no who don't trump eight well you know you guys are like minded in so many ways number of hits for you rach alicia lowry's share my were ted danson cool and maybe when you on john void maybe when he selected you can do like a happy birthday mr president marilyn monroe is a really get it going too i'm so the tigers opened a three game series tonight to the listen you don't up hauling in telling us who they share their berth there it does not win we're sorry i don't care a lot and david along this year's a birthday was somebody is coming local yet the marty just put on the screen i share my birthday would davey crockett i was at minimum i know you know that even mainstays need to gave the crowd tigers opened up a three game series with the royals tonight danny duffy and michael fulmer six forty five pre game seven ten first pitch right here on ninety seven one the ticket up next our picks for college and pro football for the weekend the all new to does a sixteen chevrolet malibu offers efficiency design and safety a triple crown with wheels the car you never expected and as the official sponsor of the detroit tigers chevy is offering tickets to an upcoming home game several a proud partners with the detroit tigers.

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