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With the plow by these planets you see i cannot see usage school once that very pseudo take quantitative shallow desert this year and john guy. Yeah don't handle go. Those we'll tell you would remind you so. Bonus august annual call for december. How'd you timbaland windy. Be be with the worst plan. You don't make moist. Yes center for those people will never land is never to listen. He s as long as we get life as long as we get hope in never too late to do something that we need to let our people listening to us to dinner. Make the so. We'll we'll talk about him savings and won't one scene be saved mcqueen may when are they caught our courts according to our size. That's why we get monkey jacket. So liquid quota cuts according to our materia size of how you feel. I do watch join them. Between in fact those were the into fashion design with our today. Do things now kind of this. This this will sound when we when you we. We are finally. You're not gonna say If somebody compose songs. I have a cutoff. Many i'm so but at which chessel make lent to live within our means our means make we live above means time the see someone in money. There's time for everything okay. This time for. I don't know. I don't talk for decision before when when i married as so we does start life. Manage things at deprive myself because of of children deprive myself of so many themes pleasures. And all that you get not be safe for an you do. I'm mickey lonzo fan. No god give me. If i say a put those children from ireland and the the much way put my hand he also gives me the wisdom on how to take us on why people would buy gold and all that they wear the make. Sure say semi children. Look good safe foods. The house on all. That's not the way i see. My momma drew. Say she always take of the house no jobs before she died. She undergo treatment before she died story where she told me how. How she it being called fame how to feed. How would take feed because then find contractor and all that money so she was just thinking ashikaga. Okay this money with your hand so scandal for me. Mci the market. She know simi. Bless our session also michigan also emission. Kumar gordon micromanage too. Because it sich mel to manage okay meshing go. The markets passive goal used that money manager. She did go miracle that now. That miracle apple everything comb barricades house idea but that's management mentality now let's in it group. Now it's an i start my own. Whom listed time differ within the time for me to be flexed become and data logo. Look on and all of that so we need to be wise in spending spending especially now with the things we did happen. Minardi spent foolishly spent wisely then mcquillan to save it. Got one saving plan way. They on ground. We're down ground. We'll go down if now couple couple you get to a piggy bank me i get got my big inbound and i don't see the money where differ my hunt if if i know it always vanish and not say if money nowadays something not to talk to japan. No it's warm. Principle is something. I've noticed so because of that i can start my piggy bank again. Once i don't do are necesary since for house. Finish so money. He'd be one.

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