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Driver outside of the car, talking on the phone. Something to be careful about in that area. David Straka Lino WBZ traffic on the three David, Let's check the four day that Will you be easy after weather forecast with Heather's air today will be pretty cloudy with a high of 39 rain will arrive late in the day and mixed with snow away from the coast. The mix of rain and snow will continue near the coast and on the Cape Tonight into tomorrow, accumulations of a coating to an inch 1 to 3 inches of mainly snow will fall in north and west of 1 28. There's a potential for a little more than that toward the Western Hills Low tonight. 30 Inland 35 at the Coast tomorrow, so I will be 38 Few leftover showers and flurries for tomorrow night into Tuesday, Tuesday signed 38 High again 38 on Wednesday with a rain or snow shower, mostly in the morning. I'm AccuWeather meteorologist Heather's Air WBZ Boston's news radio 27 degrees with clouds this morning in Lawrence in the midfield, where a 31 degrees Hanson at 34. And here in Boston, with clouds 30 degrees at 8 55 on the Ring Central News line. Ms Jordan with your WBZ New England weekend. This is Jordan. And there are so many wonderful suggestions in Boston magazine's article 57 things to do in and around Boston this winter. The writer is Madeleine Bill is she did a lot of research force. There's even a piece and how to ice skate in your own backyard. Tell us more. Yes. So I spoke with Ted Renda. He's the owner of 3, 64 States. In Beverly, and he gave me a few steps for building a backyard ice drink on. It's not a simple is just thrown a tarp out there with some water. There's there's a science to it. Before you even get the water out. Get going. You need to do a Ah, site.

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