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If he wasn't too busy if he would meet meet with him. I think at 8 a.m. the next morning. And so elder Holland assured him he would. And so the next morning, over a sleepless night, I'm sure Albert Holland was there, meeting with president hunter. And president hunter extended the call to him. And then brought him immediately over the temple where he was set apart and then went for the rest of the day, full day of meetings. And this has been the pattern, you know, like you didn't have anything else on his calendar that day. I know. I know. It's just fascinating. And it happened in June. It wasn't even like general conference. It was like, we're going to call you. We're just going to jump right there. Now think about this. There has been times where individuals were called into the corner of the 12th and their spouse heard about it over the radio or on TV from general conference. That's how their spouse was notified. For the first time in general conference, you know, for the first time in swimming in church history, held her gong and other Suarez our last two at numbers a 101 102 member members of the corps of the 12. For the first time in church history, president Nelson invited the spouse in. I'm not saying that Joseph Smith Brigham young or anyone else did it wrong. But president Nelson has set a new precedent. We're going to call the spouse in and have them be unfold with the call. And with each of these president Nelson, has taken the individual and their wife by the hand and they sat there in a little triangle, okay? And they each held hands when he extended the call. And so this is something new that's never happened in history. Something else that's new that president Nelson has is how he organized the first presidency. Typically what takes place is when the first presidency is dissolved. The core of the 12 meets together, and sometimes as many as 14 members of the corner of the 12, you know, meet together, and the second in seniority will nominate the first in seniority. And then set them apart. He has set apart, he's not ordained a profit. He's already been a profit for years for decades. But they were set apart as the president of president of the church. So president Nelson was set apart by president oaks. This has been the pattern that's gone through except for Joseph F Smith was set about by the church patriarch. The only exception. Now one thing is unique about president Nelson is as this meeting with brought together president Nelson decided to interview every member in that room. Interviewed them separately. And each of them brought forth names of who they thought they should be in the first presidency. And they were not allowed to counsel with one another. Not to compare to Khmer notes or anything like that. They had a sit in silence, has he interviewed each of those individuals? Oh, wow..

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