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Don't you point seven kiss FM club deviate everybody chewing? That's me, man. We're in Hollywood tonight. DJ ju if you're looking for something to do tonight. Look, no further we're in Hollywood come down. Get your party. I would be Martinez. And if you wanna get on my guest list holler at me Martinez. C H E Y Martinez for Snapchat. Gee, Facebook, whatever you got holler at me. And I hope we can come down to party with me DJ, and oh, yeah. If you want to hear something you loves taking request on DJ drew hit him up right now kiss at belli's. Number one hit music station. We in Hollywood, it's the weekend less party. Iheartradio music, you should know featuring why don't we eight letters? You know? But you don't. Right. There is the scary feeling. Fenian closing up again. Don't trust. Those. Why? Say why? Glad you. To.

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