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Thank you dr course he's automatically second tier why don't you ought to be second to you play it out put it out where the facts what what did they put for in terms of evidence and then let's look at the over the table that's right of how i've seen it yeah that's that's fascinating stuff we're talking to quarterback george whitfield on the shell pennzoil performance line so let's talk about jackson then this is a guy who has the resume and while you've said the resume is done everybody's sort of esta look at it objectively he's the guy who isn't getting a great campaign because potentially because he doesn't have an age out there helping them work on people are saying he's tough to get in touch with but i would argue his runway goes back farther than all the other guys because he's having to pay the price for all sorts of other players that are being associated with him but kind of the same way baker mayfield is what do you make of jackson and do you think he's hindred himself at all with some of the questions about whether guys can get in touch with them and get to know him so that that first thing is problematic that's that's easy that's problematic to build a team and a a process which is going to engage see mostly with with the league you're into this flow now so in college you know if it was your thing to kind of go dark and the other like all that stuff is fine and it is a fact no agent right so it's not i mean that's you wanna do differently or whatever but go no agent with the universal number that everybody can still reach you on or name somebody your point person or whatever it is but you know it's different i get it if people saying this is what i kind of heard about from his team.

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