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New York state is mistake that says we will not cooperate with is there a bunch of thugs. He politicized. Is there a bunch of thugs? We said we will sue them. Yes, Sean is Andrew Cuomo defender of MS thirteen and gang bangers against the long arms of ice is giving his state of state address up in Albany. You know, it'd be nice if he actually continues to call them thugs his state of the state address just listen to that. I mean, he's we're we're the problem for having a problem with MS thirteen focusing on and not let me give you the update. Juliet Huddy not far from where you live in Huntington. Stop saying village. Yes. And a school it became infamous Jackie rooms because back in twenty ten it was closed. The only public school ever be closed because of violence, which is now not an act of violence in the in the school. Right. It was outside. It was the neighborhood. Right. The individ- battles between the bloods, the Crips the MS thirteen and eighteenth street, and they panicked and they closed the school and they invited the guardian angels in because he couldn't get a grip on thankfully. They were able to reopen the school. So last night was the monthly PTA meeting. Right. Normally thirty people show up. Yeah. That's pretty good for some PTA some PTA parent teacher association you like maybe five people show up unless you have free food. Right. Three hundred people showed up two of my local guardian angels showed up, and they will are these the guys that are going to be cruising. Not your house. So I'd like to spell they were inviting him by the PTA. I wanna thank the PTA and the superintendent of schools in the area. I think makes about three hundred thousand dollars a year Polanski, the parents were there about MS thirteen that was why there were three hundred people there. Right. He wouldn't once acknowledge MS thirteen gang violence. He wouldn't even use sort of other lines and any illusions to it. So what was the point of having the meeting? It was it was the monthly meeting, but they didn't allow that the parents to talk. They didn't let him bring up MS. Wow. Now think about that. Ladies and gentlemen. How does how does the superintendent becomes the superintendent appointed or here is of course, it's all political magin you make three hundred. I mean overpriced. And obviously he could have been very helpful at this meeting, but he completely denied the theory shape problem. Well. Deny it. We know that that those kids were were going Huntington high school didn't bring it up. And that's why three hundred parents were there and not thirty when's the next PTA meeting because you know, what be outrageous, but I'll give you updates 'cause I have guardian angels there with boots on the ground, but they're not going outside of your house. Julia well know when they're not at the actual meeting. I'm happy to have them. Coffee. I'd be happy to serve them to assign them to the nearby dive strip or the carriage tariff with a picture of your husband and make sure that he's not going inside. Not going to be going inside and outside. They by the way, he used to go there. He did tell me this. When I go. Yesterday. Curvy friends, but not any show knows have bottles of MS thirteen aware that he was going. I'm a little confused by that that's a whole other topic. Let me have a conversation with him shakedown. Well, I'll straight you told me what he would say. If you ask them to go to the carousel. I wish I was in the west wing of the White House yesterday. Although I'm not a Clemson fan. National football champions, destroyed Alabama. Yell at me. I feel it already. The president got them all fast food, they had to be foot spur, wait when we come back. Not Juliet and not a lot of other critics of the president. But I the news headlines and update..

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