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That's called healthcare, immediate healthcare, doctor Campbell, Dr, Kenny. Dr Hume's I can tell you the doctors. If he was sick, he had a fever, you had a cold, you broke your arm. They come to the house, the fix it there, and then you go to the hospital from there and set it if it was a broken bone. The point was it's great healthcare, and most people don't have access to like that in the more. How much have you put. We're now up to. Yeah, many, many millions, no, no, no. I was on the ground floor. Okay, but the point is thank you for saving me on that. Whenever as one of those great moments where you I was at the beginning, and so I think what it's going to represent now as I sit them, I feel so great about this. I'll put my face on it. So you do that now because I don't see. No, no, no, no, not. So people are going to click on the button, he'll and you're gonna say, Hello. Nick knitwear are you? Did you hear that I see make over there smiling, the, you know, it's about that time. It's off. You're looking is us you're looking for. Now there's telemedicine and there's what you guys do and the telemedicine people. Dr Phil say this, you don't need to go to the doctor, not most things you could just do online and they look at you through a webcam, your thoughts. I like hands on. I love that. I think it's fantastic if you wanna be really tech guy and go talk to me over the Cam, the webcam and we'll figure it out. No, no, no. I've found that with me somebody's gotta touch me when I say that I wanted, I want you to do this. Tell me what this feels like. Tell me that if I'm reading this wrong, our doctors come, they have a handle. We bring the technology with us. It's an upgrade bag, and a lot of the testing is done right there in front of you, you know. And then what. I love is they refer you on the spot in case it's a little bit more serious than where we are. You'll get referred right away to the next step away. You need to be, but at least we know immediately what your symptoms represent. That's everything. Because how many times was that great line? I've heard. The number one cause of death in in the world, misdiagnosis. Yeah. Okay. So when you get somebody hands on and you've got to, you've got a backup. You've got a doctor annonymous they're looking at you and and and dealing with the situation. I think that's the best Lionel. Thank you for talking tech insa music. You know what, you know the next time you see me. I'll be talking more tech because I'm in it to win it. That was one of our sit down with Lionel Richie talking tech, be sure to stay tuned. We've got two more episodes from this interview. Lionel Richie talks about streaming and his views on the money that streaming services like Spotify or paying artists. And then we asked Lionel Ritchie the pick out the playlist of his songs, you can.

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Lionel Richie, Dr Hume, Doctor Campbell discussed on Talking Tech

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