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And this should screw into the door of the refrigerator and this is going to decide and so the screen with a towel and you just pull it out something what's going to prevent the person with autism from taking the dial out the the safety lock on it would be keypad locked so the projects are a collaboration between Yukon service learning program in the school of engineering Dan Berkey an associate dean at UConn says the idea is to bring elegant engineering to underserved consumers when you look at how products are designed and marketed right very often they are not designed to market it with with certain you know volatile demographics in mine Leo they really are targeted towards what we consider the average consumer also on display is an app which helps care givers find family restrooms when they're traveling and a shower and tub guard that would prevent bathroom overflows by connecting to a timer on an iPad and while many of the projects are ideas not full blown prototypes Berkey says the time is right for engineers to help serve niche markets looking at you know what are the needs and how can I bring my expertise and my creative creativity and my passion to bear on that Darlene mores as transforming those ideas into real solutions gives people like her son Ben more independent and more choice and control it's not about containing them it's about understanding their experience and respecting that making life easier for them sometimes all that takes is a design change harnessing technology to assist people especially those for a says who are most in need of help for.

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