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Other things. You know? I imagine a different teams, but game freak is also historically very small. They need to expand. But what they're saying about working with external studios, yeah, that needs to happen to, that needs to happen in a timeline that is like relatively healthy for every studio involved. Of course, it's Pokémon. It's too big a ship, so that's never going to happen. So I can see the reasoning here of thank God we can work on something that is not dictated by a schedule by 7 different companies. Which includes game freak. They're not innocent in that. But they can make a game that just comes out when it's done, as opposed to needs to come out along with an anime and plushes and all that other jazz. Yeah. Interesting stuff. I mean, your horse races, man. Or should I solitaire? Story number 6 got a war ragnarok devs didn't realize that allies spoiling puzzles would annoy players. This comes from Ryan dinsdale at IGN. Got a war ragnarok developers, Sony Santa Monica studio didn't realize that ally spoiling in game puzzles would be annoying for players wanting to solve everything themselves. As reported by games radar, ragnarok's narrative director Matt sofas and story lead Richard grabert told min max that the feature, which fans vote voiced as a point of frustration, was an oversight of the development team. It didn't get exposed to us really until after the game came out because even when it had play test, we never saw feedback about the characters talking too much or spoiling things too quickly. The timing for the first hint was too aggressive and should have had a much longer countdown timer before something comes up. It wasn't until the game came out and I was like, well, shit. If we'd known that, we would have responded. It's not going to happen again. Despite the frustration expressed by players, the developers didn't say whether or not a patch would be released that addressed the hint system, either by slowing it down and providing an option to turn it off completely. Yeah, there's times where they talk too much in times where they're just like, I was watering them at a puzzle and didn't see the thing that they wanted me to see. It just didn't talk at all. And there's times where they talk too much during battle, because by the end of the game, I got really sick of a mirror telling me I'm on fire. I'm surprised that they got no feedback on it. I'm surprised that this is the thing of game development where you're working on something so long, you just don't see the forest for the trees. Or you don't see the individual trees, honestly. You have to have been so close this project to not know how much they were talking because it's a lot. And I love got a red rock. A 100% of that game for reasons I don't entirely understand. But that was a huge problem that I'm really surprised. They had no one in QA or something, sending some note about it. It was not a problem for me at all. And when everyone was talking about this, I remember seeing on Twitter, I was just like, oh my lord, we will complain about any. Really? But again, it's like, look, that's my opinion, and clearly other people think that I'm wrong about that. But also a lot of people. So at the end of the day, I think that this is great that this is a really honest response to, hey, we didn't get this feedback. Now we did? Yeah. Cool. We're going to address it. I think this is best case scenario overall. I think it varies from person to person, because it also probably varies depending on how you do in a puzzle. If you happen to get through all the puzzles that they would have told you the solution to fast, you probably never heard it. Or it didn't bother you in that case. I think for me, and I was like, okay, I know what to do. I just need to go do it, and there's already telling me the solution. Or I don't know what to do. I literally just walked in the room. It was like, hey, look at that thing over there. I'm like, come on guys. Yeah. Horizon much worse about it. But I guess for me, the difference is I like the characters talking got to oregano and figuring out the puzzles in ragnarok and the puzzles and got a war, aren't like these crazy sophisticated things that when I figure them out, I'm like, yeah. I did something cool. It's more like, oh, here's this puzzle room. I need to actively do things to make it all happen. Doing the thing is what's fun and rewarding to me. So that's why I'm on that side of it. So everyone was like really upset about it, which again, they clearly look at it and they're like, oh, we see what you're saying. So it's like, there is something there. And I think that even the idea of it even just being like a slider, being able to be optional of how much people are giving you hints or not. Because even in ragnarok, there are extra things you can add in the options to make it an even more streamlined experience of the option of hitting R three and it just directs you where you're trying to go. And it's like, you can turn that on or off. And I don't think it's on by default. Yeah, that should be the way the puzzles work is like press triangle for a hand. They've done that before and uncharted and stuff like that. It should have been the thing here. I can get why they think it's a little too video gamey, but it's easier than

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